Sunday, July 05, 2009

Mum's the Word

Can't say too much about the parade and Tea Party just yet but here are a few pictures to wet your whistle.
Me and Liberty Bell at our house before the parade.
After the Tea Party we headed to Seaside for an evening at the beach and the fireworks show.
I cried during the show, I just surrendered to the moment and let the beauty and the love of my country envelop me.

Then firework cinders started falling on me and I had to get up and ask the owners of said pyrotechnics to stop.

After the show we had to get back to the car, there are no words to describe the beach last night, save these from Moose:

"The smoke was thick in the air, explosions all around us. Rockets, shells, flares going off. People, young and old screaming and shouting orders, most huddled together in small groups. We made our way up the beach, maneuvering around the still burning fires."

We reached our home and our own beds at 2:00am


Afton said...

you're killing me! What's the secret?

Shawnel said...

Sounds fun! You look cute in the pics.