Monday, September 22, 2008

Close Call

This is Violet, my handy sewing machine whom I love. Do not discriminate because of her age. She is a perfect shade of pale green, has more than 100 attachments, had a glowing recommendation from a friend with the same model and I got her for $50 on Craigslist last year.

Well today I couldn't get her to pick up the bobbin stitches. I called around and it looked like $100 for a repair. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for me the woman at the shop said it didn't sound like timing but a mis-adjusted knob somewhere. Well, I can handle knobs. So I did a little searching on the internet ( love you internet) and adjusted that tiny screw on the bobbin case and problem solved!

A few thoughts - I told both shops my problem and both shops said to bring in the machine.
- this is a very simple problem
- I have been thinking about learning how to repair machines for myself and a skill should it become necessary.
There are a few sewing machine repair books out there. Perhaps I should invest in one.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Kylene, you could learn how and I'd come to you for my annual machine servicing. I've had mine for 10 years and I've yet to take it in for that $35 (or more -- I'm clueless on the price) for service!

For a time I thought about toner cartridge recharging, but once I realized the risk of black lung and the need for a sealed room the children could not ever be in I abandoned that idea.