Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"You like me! You Really Like me!"

I added one of those following gadgets on my blog. If you like to read my blog click on the "Follow this Blog." It is on the right underneath the label "People who like to spy on Samurai Mom." It is easy and if you really are spying on me blogger allows you to follow anonymously so I won't know who you are. I suspect you may be Russian because Russians are the bad guys (ergo spies) again. I am sad because I like Russia and would like to visit someday, but on the bright side James Bond and cold war movies are applicable again. For a while there the only bad guys were Arab Terrorists and that felt uncomfortable because it was pretty racist. But with Russians you know that you aren't being racist just anti-communist (I know, I know Russia is a technically democracy now but work with me people, Think of the MOVIES!) I would love to have German bad guys again, but that seems unlikely unless it is a movie about homeschooling or ideological freedoms.
Currently the only follower of my blog is my mom. I adore my mom and I am thrilled that she is following my blog but seriously imagine how it feels that the only person that admits to reading your blog is your mom. She has to like my blog, she's my mom. I sit there looking at my one follower (my mom) and feel like a total social misfit. So please let me feel like the sunburned Sally Field and let me say "You like me! You really like me!"


Shawnel said...

What about me?

Samurai Mom said...

well click on follow this blog!

Jenny said...

Well fine...don't acknowledge the fact that I read and comment more than anyone else...silly!