Friday, March 27, 2009

In Which We See That I Should Not Be a Dog Owner

It has been a while since I told you about my fantail goldfish named Sashimi. That night Moose came home and we decided that Sashimi looked lonely in the bowl so we loaded up into the car and went back to PetSmart and bought a plant and a friend. Boba Fett picked him out, his name is Little Fishy. He is even tinier than Sashimi and is very cute.

As you can see it is good that I don't have a dog. If I think my fish is cute what would I think about my DOG? What kind of horrible dog lady would I be?

But, I digress. Sashimi is on the left and Little Fishy is on the right.

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Erika said...

We also have two goldfish now! I was tempted to get a fantail, but with my history of keeping pets alive, we decided that the little 12 cent fish were a better bet...