Friday, March 27, 2009


We have discovered a fun television show thanks to Netflix Instant Play. It is called Survivorman and this guy gets dropped off in the wilderness and has to survive for 7 days using only what he has with him, and he films it. It's like real life MacGyver without the cold war and eco-terrorists but Les Stroud has completely inferior hair to Richard Dean Anderson.

The show has sparked my imagination to say the least. I find myself looking at everyday objects and trying to figure out how I could use them to survive.

As I was getting ready for bed I realized how most women have an extra valuable tool in their clothing. The bra. Stretchy, cups for carrying things AND underwire and hooks for fishing! You would be surprised how many times this guy is feet from fish but can't catch them! I think there should be a special episode of Survivorman called SurvivorGal.
Meantime we are going to be practicing survival skills at home such as starting a fire with a fire bow and blowing sparks into tinder bundles. I may take to carrying a Mini Leatherman and lighter as well as my ResQme.

Yes I really do carry a ResQme since my greatest fear in going off a bridge into the Willamette with my kids in the car. Yes, life jackets too. I know it is a little paranoid but when you see me soaking wet and ALIVE on the KATU news with 3 live children you won't think I am THAT crazy.


Keira said...

I too share that's like you're my doppelganger or something.

Mommy Bee said...

I like Bear Grylls of Man Vs Wild better than Les Stroud (and not just because he's better looking, LOL!) I think he's just a better survivor...He goes in with nothing but his pocket knife and a water bottle, whereas survivorman he always has some busted dirtbike or broken down airplane or something that he can salvage parts from. Plus survivorman just has to survive for a week and then he gets picked up...but Bear Grylls is on his own to actually get out...

And you know, maybe it's just cuz Bear Grylls is british, and his accent is SO sexy. LOL!!!

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

Coming from a HUGE Mcgyvor fan, that is the greatest preparation tip I've read in a while. So do you carry a leatherman? And how is the concealed weapon permit coming along?

PS My D's would probably carry alot more tooo....the only upside to largeness!