Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the Border...of Edible

I sent an e-mail to On the Border - pretty much said what I blogged. They e-mailed me and called me and offered and are in the process of giving us our money back. WOW!!! Thanks OTB, I wish your food was yummier.

I didn't want to cook tonight. My motto today was "Survive until five!" Moose was happy to oblige. We didn't feel quite like fast food and decided to try the new restaurant in town, On The Border. We placed a take out order for the Pico Chicken and Shrimp, Spicy Chicken Chimichanga and the Border Sampler. The gal on the phone and at the restaurant when Moose picked up the food were super nice.

We have no complaints about the staff.

That having been said, we are so disappointed. The Pico Chicken was terrible. The chimichanga was edible but only just. The sampler was greasy and was pretty much untouched we all had a nibble and then stopped eating it. The beans were O.K. but nothing to write home about. The salsa was middling at best. All in all, we are wondering if we can get our $43.97 back. We are still hungry not because there wasn't tons of food but because we couldn't eat it. We feel as if we were cheated. When you spend that much money on food you expect it to be edible.

I ended up microwaving corndogs for the kids.

2 out of 7 thimbles

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