Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Dreams

It's not a gigantic pillow or a hammock (Moose stubbornly refuses to let me hang a hammock indoors) but it will do.

After 2 days, seven stores, 5 hours and tossing ourselves countless times on a variety of mattresses we have purchased a new mattress. It is latex and according to the guy at the store (just like every guy at every store) it is the best one around.

What I like about it is that it is soft and there are no springs. Really, who came up with the idea of sleeping on coils of metal? Insanity if you ask me. I can now sleep on a bed that doesn't sag in the middle both ways and does not have springs that find their way right into my rib cage.

Funny that liquid rubber can turn into a soft mattress.

I feel bad for the salesmen at the store - methinks the mattress business is slow right now and the poor guys probably have kids to feed.

The kids had a blast having races on the adjustable Temperpedic beds at one store. Boba Fett's dream is to grow up and have a machine bed.

Nutmeg thought that the stores were heaven as she bounced from bed to bed to bed.

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Afton said...

We bought a latex mattress about a year ago and I love it.