Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sabbath Leaves

Our Beautiful World: Earthworms, I know they are kinda slimy, gross and creepy. But these little guys are a garden's best friend. They aerate the soil, till it and decompose organic matter into soil. I am sure that they preform a multitude of other benefits. "Hooray for earthworms!"Including the gigantic one I found in the garden yesterday that scared the wits out of Nutmeg- it was the size of a small snake.
Blessings: My kids have always been great sleepers. I have only had to wake up for good at some crazy early hour because the baby is awake about 5 times in my mothering career.
Striving: To write a talk for Sacrament meeting next week.


Afton said...

Can't you just use the talk you wrote but didn't give when church was canceled in Dec. for snow?

Compost = worm poop. Good stuff.

Afton said...

I think that service is a very important part of "feed my sheep."

I think you should re-purpose your talk. You can talk about how we shouldn't just focus on service at Christmas time, but all year...and since this is the "all year" part of the year, your talk would be very timely.

Just tweak a few things. I'm sure you can find a nice talk on with some good service/feed my sheep quotes to tie the whole thing together.