Monday, March 23, 2009

Need IT!

I was flipping through a magazine that came in the mail today. It was a magazine full of things that nobody needs and, I thought, nobody wants. But boy, was I wrong, because amidst the solar stones, toadstool chimes, trouser racks and painted hummingbird sweatshirts I found something I both need and want. I don't have a place to store my vacuum so I just hide it behind the entertainment center but now I no longer need to hide my vacuum, not with the Cow Vacuum Cleaner Cover from Who knew? Or I could save that money and feed an orphan.

(BTW the orphan thing is not a joke. My friend Anna and her family sponsor a lovely boy in Africa and we think this organization is something you SHOULD spend your money on, as opposed to bovine appliance covers.)


Shawnel said...

Having that thing stare at me all the time would creep me out!

Afton said...

Yeah, I agree...kind of creepy. What if you had to come downstairs in the middle of the night for something and saw this horned figure standing in the darkened corner? I'd probably have a mild heart attack.

Mommy Bee said...

just think of the extra dust that thing would collect!!