Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday Night Cinema

Starring: Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Date: 1941

"Suspicion" was Hitchcock's and our favorite leading man's first work together. Cary Grant is so terribly like able in this film. You don't want to like him but you can't help it. You almost want him to succeed in the suspected evil deeds. Alfred Hitchcock once said: "One doesn't direct Cary Grant.; one simply puts him in front of the camera." I can't help but agree.

There are some iconic shots in this film, Grant and Fontaine struggling on the hill as well as the above picture; the glass of milk with a lightbulb inside to help it glow.

The ending that Hitchcock preferred for "Suspicion" was to have what you think is going to happen when Joan Fontaine drinks the milk, happen. The studio execs couldn't have their star leading man play a murderer so they concocted the sappy ending that ends the film.

Joan Fontaine won an Academy Award for her roll in "Suspicion."

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