Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sabbath Leaves

Our Beautiful World: It is so fun to be driving somewhere and see the bright blooming forsythia bushes. I am grateful for all happy yellow blooms in early spring.

Blessings: A great marriage. I went into marriage thinking it would be the hardest thing I would ever do only to be serendipitously surprised by how easy it was. Maybe we are just fortunate that we fit well, don't hold grudges and love each other through service.

Striving: Still to pray always and also to be prepared.


Chuck LaPenta said...

Such nice thoughts. And your one up on me because you can spell forsythia :)

Thanks for the inspiration.

Chuck LaPenta
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Afton said...

Where did you see that amazing bush? (I'm not going to even attempt to spell it.)

I love what you had to say about your marriage too. You words were few, but there is a great lesson in them.