Monday, March 30, 2009

Low Day

I could tell you about the fun things I have been knitting, or about our trip to the "otherside" of Portland this weekend, or post pictures of the sweater I knit for Mom, but today hasn't been so hot and I don't feel like bringing my "A" game.

I was stressed out all morning about the annoying parents of other children, the state of the nation and the state of my garden. Everything the children said elicited a snap from me. eventually I went outside to work in the garden, shovelled some manure and then came inside to a splitting headache and a split library book.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the annual mother torture known as swimming lessons. This time Commander C gets to sit out because the geniuses at the parks and rec can't figure out that homeschooling families have children of different ages, maybe if THEY had been homeschooled they would be smarter. Hopefully I will have a better day in spite of it.

Oh, and I explained abortion to my sons today as we stamped out red envelopes. How exactly does one justify that insanity to a child? I don't know how people do it. I just told them it is wrong and evil and crazy, what else can you do?


Mommy Bee said...

it seems it's been one of those days/weekends for a lot of us.

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

Had a similar experience at THPRD with swim lesson I signed my son up for becuase that wouldn't let me bring Bella. Sorry, we're a package deal...they gave the perverbial bird and I exited post haste!!
Sorry you had a rough day....for what it's worth....I think you are a great mom.