Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The misfortune of the non-Irish

I am not Irish and I am not a fan of celebrating St. Patrick's day. I am not Catholic so the whole clover and the Holy Trinity thing doesn't inspire me and I don't drink so St. Patrick's Day doesn't really do anything for me. Really it is an excuse for bawdy behavior, pinching people, coloring a certain body of water and drinking.

But what I really dislike is the imposition it is on my wardrobe choices. I like green, it is currently my favorite color. I don't like wearing it on a certain day for a holiday I don't observe. So, there I am in my closet deciding whether or not to wear green.

I will be seeing many people today so if I wear a green sweater I am like a billboard saying "I celebrate cheesy holidays, come over to my house and see my stuffed animal collection dressed like leprechauns." If I don't wear green I risk being pinched all day long by my children and there is the possibility of annoying conversations with others.
"Where is your green?"
"I don't do St. Patrick's Day."
You see? Awkward.

But there I was in my closet and my green turtleneck looked so warm. Ultimately I chose to go with grey socks that have olive colored toes to foil the children if they start feeling pinchy. I feel like I spent way too much time thinking about green this morning.

Then when I dressed Nutmeg I made sure her tights had some green in them to protect her from pinching as well.

Thanks to the Irish for annoying me today. May they all have really bad hangovers tomorrow.


Keira said...

I put on my green sweater for just this occasion. I'm one of those cheeky people who love the idea of random pinches--like that Hindu water-throwing holiday...

Mommy Bee said...

You wanna hear the insanity I grew up with?
Only Irish Catholics wear green--they do it to remind each other to go to mass.
The Irish protestants wear orange to remind each other to NOT go mass (so says my dad).
You only bother to wear green if you are 1-Irish, 2-of the applicable religion.
My dad, being descended from Irish Protestants, always wore orange.
Of course, nobody pinches a guy who is 6'4" no matter what color he's wearing.
I usually intentionally wear anything except green, but today I accidentally had a green elastic in my hair. Oops.