Sunday, May 23, 2010

Livin' on A Prayer

And our food storage. This afternoon the bishopric announced that there had been an imaginary earthquake yesterday and the Stake Presidency has challenged us to live off of our food storage for 6 days.

I. Am. So. In!

Here are the rules I am setting for myself. If it is in the house we can eat it. If it grows in the yard, we can eat it (too bad I haven't planted a garden this year.) We will be drinking water from the faucet. The milkman comes on Wednesday, I am still going to get milk but I will not open the new bottles until Saturday night - that means from Thursday to Saturday I will have to use my wits and my freezer. Electricity and all of my appliances and kitchen gadgets are approved. Seriously, there is no reason to be extreme.

I am so glad that my bomb shelter food storage room looks like this:(Hey, I just moved in)

And that I adhere to the food storage maxim "Store what you eat, eat what you store." Trader Joe's I love you!
And that I have plenty of sweeteners.
Challenges I foresee:

I tried to get to the Farmer's market yesterday for fresh veggies but I kept getting sidetracked by garage sales and I never made it. We have very little fresh veggies right now.

Trader Joe's did NOT have any flour tortillas last night so I will have to make my own. Not the same.

When I went to get eggs at the farm this week, they only had 1 dozen so I have 10 eggs for a week of living off of food storage. Maybe my friends that have chickens will bring me a housewarming gift of eggs? Gifts totally count.

I only have 1 bag of chocolate chips.

I have kinda been dipping into the food storage since we put the old house on the market to save money as well as to make more room so some of the things I THOUGHT we had we may have eaten.

Let the games begin.

P.S. The Bishopric is glad that we all survived the earthquake.


T Harrington said...

I love it! Apparently Hillsboro wasn't hit by the same earthquake.

Afton said...

I think home made tortillas are BETTER than store bought, but I've never had the ones from TJ's or the ones from Costco that everyone raves about. Also, Robert tells me that I am not allowed to borrow from neighbors, but wouldn't we all be sharing in an emergency? I am open to sharing if you run out of anything.

Shawnel said...

We did that in our ward. It was pretty easy. We have lots of food storage too.

Erika said...

So I'm pretty glad I'm not in your ward right now. We have company coming in town and I wouldn't want to have to host off of my food storage.

Evenspor said...

It won't help you this week, but for future reference, there are powdered eggs for food storage that are actually pretty tasty. I'll have to go look and see what the brand is.

We used to live in a ward that had food storage weeks and food storage dinners. We had one friend from whom we learned just how yummy a food storage dinner could be. I was amazed when we did a food storage dinner at her house, and she served us strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

Lara said...

What an interesting assignment from the Stake Presidency! It would be hard for us since we moved across country last summer and ate through most of our storage before we moved. We're slowly but surely building it up.

And oh...the homemade tortillas my husband makes are amazing. Much better than TJ's or any other store bought. And super cheap, too!