Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Home!

You have been very patient, and today there will be pictures of the exterior of our new home. Shall we go counter clockwise from the driveway?
The Arbor and picket fence where I will plant 3 lilac bushes and upon which my boys will be able to channel Tom Sawyer this summer.
The front door which is in the back. You see, this house was built in 1950 and the subdivision was built in the 1990's which is when the front became the back and the back became the front. It is fun that the front of the house is hidden.
The front and side porch.
The side porch from the back yard (I was standing beneath the rabid raccoon when I took this photo. I am a dedicated blogger.)Here you can see how the back became the front. I love how the backyard looks so gracious and inviting from the street.
The back yard from the porch including the swings which have been swung to bits this week.
The back porch and the back of the garage. Note the little black doors. Take a closer look.
This is one of my favorite parts of the house. See my dinner bell?

What color would you say the house is? It is not "mint green" is is the color of my vintage sewing machine and some jadeite dishes. It is the exact color of the shell of the Araucana chicken egg that I cracked yesterday. What color is that? I LOVE the color, by the way.

This is no ordinary house and it needs a name.

Mrs Miniver had "Starlings," Anne Shirley had "Green Gables," Mrs. deWinter had "Manderly," Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler had "Tara," the horrible Catherine Earnshaw had "Wuthering Heights" and I always loved "Howard's End." Don't forget Pemberly, Thornfield, Norland, The Hermitage and Top Withins.

So where does Samurai Mom live?

I like the way that "Starlings" sounds but I do not like starlings they are horrible birds. I like "something House" because it isn't a cottage and it isn't a manor, I like "Blessings" but people say that so much I am afraid it won't be recognized as a name. I like to think that finding this house was Serendipitous, and it was but I know that the Lord led us here so it wasn't really serendipity was it? So I think that "Serendipity House" is not appropriate.

People say I was born to live in this house and it's true, I was. Tomorrow, we will peek inside.


Keira said...

Catherine was horrible. Was the point of that book the enjoyment of watching two awful people haunt the moors for awful eternity?

Justice Pirate said...

oh your house looks so lovely. I think the porch is divine.

grandmawhitehouse said...

Better than I remembered it.

Randi said...

I love that the front of your house is really in the back! Very tricksy! I love anything unique about a house.

Yes, your house must have a name. I just moved last week into a rental house that lots of my friends have rented before. It has lovingly become known as "The Toothpaste House" because of its lovely (not!) shade of Crest toothpaste. I also have friends who live in "The South House," only because it is the "southest" house of all of our friends, and other friends who live in "The Pink Palace" so-named because one room used to be pink and 3 retired grandmas live there. Yes, a name is necessary. What about Raccoon Rafters? :)