Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage House-keeping

First, the Mother's Day Picnic on the floor of the Dining Room,
Then the swings,
Tidying up the the Kitchen,Cleaning the Bathroom,And sweeping the front porch.

I am having a marvelous time!!


Sarah D Mize said...

Your house is so beautiful! It's like someone thought of you and built the house to fit your personality. Doesn't it feel like when someone's complimenting the house they are complimenting your personality? I am so excited for you. I can see you filling the house with your light. You will do so many good things there. I enjoyed your retro cleaning party. Congratulations!

Justice Pirate said...

for having 3 kids your house is very clean. People tell me that for having two kids though too. I hate clutter. It is so much fun to clean.

Samurai Mom said...

LOL, Justice Pirate, that is because I hadn't even moved into the house yet. It was empty and waiting for our (literal) ton of stuff.