Wednesday, May 05, 2010

We Won't be Wu'd Again pt 1

For all of you that are voters in Oregon and especially CD1 I hope that you are as excited about filling out your ballot as I am. ( For my readers who are not in Oregon, we vote by mail here, a terrible system extremely vulnerable to fraud but it IS nice to sit at your kitchen table with your voters pamphlet and a plate of cookies and take your time voting.)

In 2008 year I registered as a Republican for the first time so that I could cast my vote for Ron Paul. Of course McCain had all but officially won the nomination by then but I wanted to to vote for Paul anyway. In Oregon you HAVE to be registered for a party to vote in the Primary and so I bit the bullet. I have kept my registration because I am now committed to actively finding, supporting and electing real fiscally conservative candidates who will uphold the constitution and are devoted to Liberty.

Usually, I fill out and return my ballot the day I get it but this time I have had to hold on to it because I can't decide who to vote for the Gubenatorial race. I really, really like Lim but I don't think he can win the nomination straight out and I don't want him to be a Spoiler for Alley (whom I also really like) against Dudley. I can not put my support behind Dudley at this time but am certain all 3 candidates would be far and away better for Oregon than Kitzhaber and, heaven forbid, Bradbury.

But the reason I decided to post today was because I wanted to encourage you to vote for Rob Cornilles for CD1. I know that a lot of my patriot friends are supporting Kuzmanich and I think he is a fine candidate, however, I have given it a lot of thought and have decided to support Cornilles for Congress. It was a difficult decision as I know both candidates socially and I didn't want to alienate one candidate and his supporters.

On the issues I found all of the CD1 candidates to be fairly similar and my deciding factor came down to character. There were some things in the character of the other candidates that really disappointed me and gave me a lot of unease. Rob on the other hand has a lot of qualities that give me confidence in his ability to be an effective representative for Oregon and to also do what is right for our country.

Regardless, I think all of our congressional candidates can beat David Wu in November!

Happy voting!

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Jodi G. said...

Do you know that I can't get Cornilles to answer my tough questions? They've been languishing on his FB page for FIVE days. You're endorsing a guy who ignores his constituents when they ask hard questions? You had that problem yourself with Wu, yes? The other two guys will take the hard questions and GIVE you a direct, precise answer. Cornilles is the ONLY one of the four candidates who is, thus far in my experience, wholly inaccessible, unless of course, you're one of the chosen "invite-only" guests at his private parties held in the homes of his supporters. Doesn't this sound suspiciously like someone who duped an entire nation, and became its POTUS?