Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Tour of our Yet to be Named Home pt. 1

Come in the front door. Today, we will tour the common rooms on the first floor!
To the left is the dining room, see the cupboards through the doors?
Close up! The Library (to the right of the front door) corner window with folding shutters
Whitewashed Roman tiles on the other wall. you can see that there folding doors on 2 walls, one leads to the entryway, the other to the living room.
I like to think that this room is where young men will ask for Nutmeg's hand in marriage, while we listen at the doors.
The doors that lead out to the side porch.
More windows
The staircase with storage cupboard beneath.
The wood burning fireplace (I can hear the crackling now) with a real and DEEP mantle!!! Nutmeg is about to leap into the air - action shot!
The downstairs and vintage bath
BathtubLittle tiled shower.Mirror with wall sconces and cute little faucet.The Kitchen from the hallway. There is a window to look out of while doing dishes because the schmancy dishwasher that passed inspection doesn't work.There are pocket doors that close the messy kitchen off from visitors!
I just love all of the rounded shelves.Vintage (we think) towel holder
The gorgeous windows in the breakfast area. I kinda love the yellow fire hydrant.
Two cupboard doors, the side door and the stairs to the basement
But wait! One of the cupboard doors is a spice rack but as Moose observed it was probably once a fold out ironing board.
"Fold out ironing board" might be the sexiest words in the English language.


Erika said...

My favorite part has to be the columns and all the windows! Seriously, you are so blessed. :) We need to have a play date for Sweetie and Nutmeg so I can come and drool over your house.

Debbie said...

I love your charming new home. Congratulations!

Home lighting said...

What a beautiful home. I love how open it its.

Afton said...

Love, love, love!

Jenny said...

That home totally suits you! It's beautiful! I love it!