Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Blessings of Service

I walked into the house with my arms full of plates, in my car was some bedding and used clothing. My friend wasn't kidding when she said this family had nothing, just some borrowed blankets and the clothes thrown in their suitcases when they fled. There was a borrowed toaster and one folding camp chair. They had food (food stamps I assume) but nothing to eat it in or with, not even a can opener. Worst of all there was nothing to do just a few books from the library.
I left the house with a small list of most urgently needed items. 2 hours later I delivered a table, chairs, some kitchen items, a pack 'n play and a car seat for the baby. Later that afternoon I looked at the small list too see what else was needed immediately. There was nothing else, every item had been provided from friends with just two phone calls. What a blessing. It was if the Lord knew just what this family needed and inspired us to think remember all of the extra things we had hiding in the corners of our home.
There is still much to do, a pregnant woman who is supposed to be on bed rest needs a mattress, and how a family can survive with a baby on the way and no washer and dryer is beyond me. And there are so many of the little things that we take for granted the Tupperware, lamps and towels, silverware... the pictures for the wall. We will pray and the Lord will provide.
Most of all, I feel blessed to have been able to serve, somehow each time I am able to give service my heart is brightened, my burdens become light and I feel good.


Erika said...

I have an extra crib mattress. Email me if there is something else that is needed!

Keira said...

And knives. I have knives.

Amie said...

isn't relief society amazing?