Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The National Review

It was cool when Lars Larson read my blog post on his show,

And then when Kevin edited a great video of the Town Hall meeting featuring me,

And then The Oregonian linked to it.

But now I have been quoted in the National Review.
The National Review is big. It is La Keira's number one source of news. She has been in awe of me this week. I'll take it.

I have many thoughts on this. Firstly I love the attention because from the time I could smile I have been a fool for an audience. While I am a bit uncomfortable when people recognize me, I secretly love it.

While what I said took courage, initially I was just proud of the composure with which it was delivered. I fully expected to come out babbling and maybe crying. The words were not that revolutionary. I don't think what I had to say is any different that what people are feeling. Maybe it is just the fact that I said it. I am glad this happened before all the bad press about the town halls, I am glad I didn't have to stand in line or argue with union thugs.

One though on the whole "shouting" idea that the press has latched on to. What they are all neglecting to mention is that the Congressman are either refusing to answer direct questions OR outright lying to constituents. When you are sitting face to face with your paid representative in congress and he does not have the respect to answer your question or he lies to you, it makes you mad, really mad and shouting might be excusable. Frankly, I am impressed that people are not killing their congressmen on the spot. That is how angry people are and I think they are showing incredible restraint.

I have not tried to go to any more of Congressman Wu's town halls because I know I will not be allowed in and I have kids to take care of. I will choose when I protest and It will probably next be at Pioneer Courthouse Square on September 7th.

I regret that I have but one town hall to give to my country. (This summer.)

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