Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Off Week - Teacup Flowers

I needed to make a three year old's birthday present for Margaret's first birthday party invitation. I wanted to make something cute yet fast because funds are tight and tight budgets are the mother of cute crafts.
Somehow I stumbled upon this blog and before I knew it I was making these Tea Cup Flowers. The hard part was finding fabric for the flowers. My stash has some gaping holes in the floral area. Eventually I found some suitable fabric, a toy tea cup and got started.The hard part ended up being sewing the tiny circles. Really, my sewing machine doesn't go slowly and it is hard to sew in a circle at that speed. There was a lot of hand sewing and somewhere something went wrong and my petals had too much space between them. Undaunted, I scrounged up some ribbon scraps and hot glue and glued it all onto a hair clip. I cliped them onto a notecard, wrapped it prettily and had a very cute present.

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Keira said...

I can see you struggled with this...ahem.

Oh, snap!