Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stitching in July

I sewed a few things last month. Most of it was sewn from my stash. I did need to buy one zipper, some rickrack and some ribbon. I also needed to buy lining and interfacing for the bag. It was very exciting making a whole wardrobe for next to nothing. I used the book "Sew What Skirts" to help me draft quick patterns. It's nothing I couldn't have found in my pattern making book but it made it SO easy.
Roundup and Little Roundup
I have been holding on to this fabric for ages. I bought it because I was in love with the cowboys. The Little Roundup (not pictured but trust me it looks exactly the same) is much too big for Nutmeg this year but will fit her next year and a few years after that.
The Asian Dream is straight out of the book and a great way to display this fabric that I wanted to use but not cut up the design. I realize yoke skirts aren't the best choice for me, but this fabric needed to be this skirt, yes?
Don't I look...formidable in this photo? Kind of like I am 6' 3" and on the East German Women's swim team? I have been planning to make a skirt out of this fabric for going on 2 years now but I couldn't decide on a style. Finally I decided the pattern is the reason for the fabric so show it off in a simple A-line skirt. A little orange rick rack and a custom, hand finished invisible pocket and we have a skirt. Since I had extra fabric I whipped up a Margaret Bag.
The Margaret Bag
I think the story of this bag deserves its own post so I will be brief and only say that I adore it.
It was as if the lining were made for this bag and I am so tickled with the asymmetrical placement of the rick rack on the pockets.

The Muumuu
In Hawaii I found a little boutique that was remaking vintage Muumuus into skirts, pillows, purses and dresses and selling them at fancy boutique prices. They were, for the most part A-line skirts, a quick 30 minute alteration and selling them for $90! Well that was just a challenge to a frugal seamstress like myself. And we all know how much I like a reconstruction project. So Moose and I went across the street to the Kilua Salvation Army and bought a Muumuu for me to reconstruct. Sadly, it took me a year to make it but that was because the ruffle posed quite a problem. It was the best part of the muumuu but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into the skirt, and to be honest the skirt was a bit boring. Then a few weeks ago I said "Hang it!" and I just sewed the ruffle haphazardly across the front. It is a little Rio de Janeiro a little Havana but I love it. The ruffle was the key. Maybe I shall call it Flirting in Rio.
Picnic for Six
Well, you have seen this before but I sewed it in July an so I post it again.


Afton said...

Formidable, yes. East German ladies swim team, NO. You have that je ne sais quoi...that confidence that comes with being able to repurpose a mumu amass a kick butt fabric stash.

East Germans had more of a gender ambiguity thing going on.

Afton said...

forgot an "and."

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

There are no words. You are simply fabulous.