Monday, August 24, 2009

Show Off Week

I am still sick. My symptoms abated long enough to accept a new calling yesterday afternoon only to wake up this morning with a screaming sore throat. I honor of my being laid up I thought that this week I will post some of the the things I have been making this month and one thing that I have been in the process of making for 3 years.

We begin with the thing that earned me two huge fights/ breakdowns with my husband and this lovely stress cold. The School Room:

Firstly, I have wanted to get rid of the old red walls in this room for quite a while. The realtor said the red needed to go and I took that as my green light. La Keira and I pick out a soulless color for this room as well as my upstairs bed/bath suite.
While priming the bath I lost my resolve and sent Moose back to the paint store to have them remix what was "Sparkling Spring" into "River Rock." "River Rock" looked like a slightly blue grey on the chip turned out baby blue in the bathroom. It also turned out baby blue on the test wall in the schoolroom. Distraught I went back to the paint store on the advice of La Keira and my sister to see what they could do. The kind lady added an ounce of black to each saying it was the best she could do. I said I would take it. I came home and LOVED the color.
Since the color is of my own design (or rather, the design of fate) I think I will name it "Marital Discord" because just as I was preparing to get the room ready to paint. Moose says to me "Aren't we going to re-texture the wall?"
Here is a bit of advice, when Samurai Mom is on a roll doing projects she does not like to do (i.e. painting and the dishes) do NOT put up obstacles that suggest to impede or slow her down. Enter fight #1.

Two days later I found this painting at GW and took a chance because of its size. It seems to work and surprisingly Moose has said nothing derogatory about it. This painting did not lead to fight #2.

Moose says he likes how the room looks "sparse" (read "uncluttered.") I like it too but I still have 3 huge piles of clutter that usually go in the schoolroom that now need to find a place and that "sparse" room looks pretty likely.

Also, now that the schoolroom looks so sophisticated I think we need to call it something else. "Conservatory" was the first idea but I looked it up and it means greenhouse more or less. Perhaps "The Sitting Room" because the whole point is that I want this room to be used and sat in. I am open to your suggestions.

Also, let us pray that my relationship with my husband makes it through this house selling process somewhat intaact.

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