Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Show Off Week - Little Kitchen

It started out as a T.V. stand that was passed along through various college residences, our rental home and all three bedrooms in our current home at one time or another. One day I decided to turn it into a kitchen for Boba Fett who was three and in the play kitchen phase. I got out some black paint and painted black circles on the top and screwed in these wooden car wheels for oven knobs. Several months later I found this nightstand, added a shelf and it moved in as a refrigerator.
A couple of years later Boba Fett started begging me ceaselessly to paint his kitchen purple.
A trip to Costco convinced me that I was not interested in that kitchen (it was cute but too small which turns out is a good thing because my friend Sarah bought one and putting it together about drove her crazy.) I liked my recycled kitchen better. So we went to Michael's and bought silver and purple spray paint. I painted the entire thing purple and then taped it off and sprayed on the silver details. Still it wasn't quite right. I had always planned to put in a sink and finally this spring during my trip to the rebuilding center I picked up a faucet as well as some real stove knobs.
Moose cut a circle out of the top and we inserted a stainless steel bowl. Some holes drilled with much cursing into a spray painted 2x4 and we had a finished kitchen. Well almost. We would very much like a door on the top of the fridge for a microwave. Also the real oven knobs have NOT been added. An oven door would be perfect if unlikely.
If any handy people who love us would like to sign up for microwave and oven door duty it would TOTALLY count as a Christmas/Birthday present.

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