Friday, August 14, 2009

Who Got the Pillowcases?

Facebook brings about all sorts of degrees of friendship. There is the extension and deepening of current active friendships. There is the way to keep in touch with those who would still be fast friends if they hadn't moved away and the renewing of such friendships. There is the last attempt to get to know your 60 cousins whom you never knew because you grew up 500 miles way from them friends. There are the too familiar friends that are your siblings and other close relatives. There are the friendships that satisfy the gossip you have heard: "Did she really have quintuplets", " "Is She really now a He", and the ever popular "She is living with the He that was a She!" (Answers: quads, not quints, yes and YES!" There are the keeping up with your social network, the business friends and the friends from High School. There are friends that you met via other friends on Facebook. there are the ex-boyfriends that you want to check up on to make sure that they are happy but not as happy as they would have been if they hadn't dumped you and the people you just want to spy on. Then there are the friends that you have to ask another friend who the heck this person is before you remember that you once sat next to them in Earth Science. And there are the people that you finally friended because they requested you repeatedly for 2 years!

Some of these relationships are as you expected them, sometimes you find your arch nemesis of 13 years ago is still your nemesis. Sometimes the one guy you have little in common with is just as chatty as you are and you find that there is a lot to say. Sometimes you find that your friends are divorced which is disturbing because the last time you saw them they were very happy.

Just such an event happened to me lately. Two friends married each other long ago and now I find that one party is married to someone else. Either the other party died or they are divorced (or there is some secret bigamy scheme) and I can't stop wondering who got to keep to the hand embroidered pillowcases I made for them?

(P.S. the pillowcases pictured above are not the cases in question. The recipients of these pillowcases are still happily married as far as I know.)

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