Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Moving Sickness

We found a house we want, again. About once a year we stumble upon a house that we want to buy and then throw ourselves into the trauma that is trying to figure out if we can afford it, will the move be good for our family and like concerns. Then we come upon the issue that inevitably shuts down the whole process, how will we sell this house?

It would of course, make sense to sell our house first and then find a home but I have a deep dread of not finding something we love and being forced into a home we don't really like just so that we won't be homeless. I only want to move two more times in my life and I expect one of those times to be when I am in my fifties or older.

Really, we have a great deal in this house. We bought before prices skyrocketed and the mortgage is small and the interest rate low. So, it is difficult to make buying a new house anything less than the most important decision we have ever made.

And so we throw ourselves into the emotional meat grinder that is preparing to sell our house. I try not to cry when I think about how expensive new siding is.

P.S. If anyone would like to make my dreams come true you could buy this house from me as is and you won't expect me to clean it too hard when you do the walk through. We will adjust the price accordingly.

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