Monday, August 31, 2009

To Do List

A few of the things on my To Do List this week:

- Participate in Tea Party Planning Committee conference call
- E-mail speaking guidelines to Tea Party Speakers
- Finalize Tea Party Event Activities
- Write speech for Tea Party
- Decide what to wear to Tea Party
- Blog about Tea Party

Did I mention that there will be a Tax Referral Tea Party this Monday, Labor Day, September 7th at 6pm in Pioneer Courthouse Square
? We are gathering to collect signatures to put the tax increases the legislature passed this session on the ballot as is our right as Oregonians. If you are in the Portland area please come support us!

Petitions will be available for signing at the event, there will be fantastic speakers! We will hear from several of the candidates seeking to replace David Wu as the Representative from District 1.
Samurai Mom will be speaking as well as this guy!

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Teresa said...

I LOVED this. I saw it back when it first came out. Awesomeness...