Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Show Off Week - The Tale of the Margaret Bag

It all started when Elizabeth of Oh Fransson! posted the bag she made for her friend, Margaret.
I waited patiently until she posted the pattern and then I made a bag for La Keira's birthday/baby shower.
Then in the early days of 2009 I made a small version for myself. I simply printed the PDF pattern out at 66% of original size. It is the perfect purse size and fits my scriptures nicely on Sundays. (Those are my furoshiki wrapped scriptures inside.)
Then people started talking. Everyone wanted to know where to get the pattern. I have told about 15 people where to get the pattern and seen several incarnations of the Margaret bag popping up in my family and at church.
This summer I decided I needed a beach bag and the full sized Margaret bag was just the ticket and so I made the red and black version seen above. Then I told my mom I would make one for her birthday so that she wouldn't have to make her own.
She didn't want the small or the full sized bag so I printed out the PDF pattern at 80% of original size and came up with this:
I think this is my favorite size yet. The turquoise button was a complete serendipity. An extra in the bag when I bought huge covered buttons at a thrift store.
Fawn colored rick-rack trim on the pockets. I used the Deer Valley collection of prints using "Antler Damask" in Terracotta for the outer and "Lattice" in Terracotta for the lining. Mom, you can use this bag to remind you of the fawns that have been hanging out in your yard this summer. *wink*
I don't use designer fabrics very often as I lean more to the recycled fabric but I fell in love with "Antler Damask" and expect to make my own medium sized Margaret bag out of "Antler Damask" in Sky very shortly.
Here you see three of my bags. 66%, 80% and full sized. I used the shoulder strap on all bags not the cross body strap. I have become skilled at making the bags and can whip one out in an evening provided I have all the required materials.

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Keira said...

I love my bag. Feel better soon!