Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Blubbery Truth About Samurai Mom

After watching the latest week of Martha on Tivo I was sufficiently brainwashed to sign up for the Body and Soul Challenge over at
I knew things were fishy when the first "wellness tool" was "Body Mass Index"
I have issues with BMI. I will say it straight out: according to BMI and our government Samurai Mom is obese. Yep, obese. Obesity, that disease sweeping the nation fuelled by Twinkies and coke, that obese.
****Which makes me wonder if the gov't says I am obese and I am not how many other people is that true of, and is obesity really the epidemic they claim it is? ***
Samurai Mom is not only in the obese category but well in the middle of the obese slot. The funny thing is my goal weight is in the overweight category. The skinniest I have ever been back in 1999, working on my feet all summer and then having not eaten for several months from morning sickness, back when my hip bones stuck out and I found it uncomfortable to sleep because my bones were poking me, that weight is also overweight.

If you have seen me (and the pictures online have not been doctored in anyway) you know that I am not obese. There are a couple of pounds around the middle that didn't fall off after the last baby but otherwise I feel pretty good about my weight.

Also The Body and Soul Challenge Wellness Tool "Nutritional Needs" says that I should eat 1632 calories a day. I about fell off my chair laughing. Apparently I am "squash shaped" I don't know what that means but I am thinking it is better than the apple and pear shapes.

I have posted 2 pictures one of Samurai Mom overweight and one of Samurai Mom as obese. I think I will work my way into that tiny t-shirt my own way.


Afton said...

Every time I see the title of this post I read "blueberry" and then I see you in that blue dress and that just cements "blueberry" even more in my head.

Speaking of coldhearted, man made indexes that judge you without even looking at you...Wii Fit told me I was 50. (ouch!)

Chelsea said...

That is really hilarious. You look great, that thing is stupid. Now I want to go see what my BMI is, too funny. YOu do look smashing in the little black dress though!! :)

Jenny said...

Haha! You know, I hate that BMI as well! The last time I was weighed what the BMI says I should weight was in elementary school. I think the goverment is smoking crack....