Sunday, January 04, 2009

Quite A Lot of Attitude in a Deceptively Demure Package

It is hard to explain, the need to have a daughter;

When I was expecting Commander C I didn't much care if he was a boy or a girl, I liked boys, I even married one. When I was expecting Boba Fett I wanted to have a girl very badly and I confess I was depressed for about 4 weeks after I learned he was a boy.

When I was expecting Nutmeg I NEEDED to have a girl. I loved baby boys, I was used to them I was even a little afraid of baby girls but suddenly pink and lace, dolls and tea sets were all I could think about.

I even started buying girl clothes in what I called “The Vintage Baby Fashion Show” before I knew that she was a she.

So, 3 years ago today I was blessed to become the mother of the most precious girl I had ever seen. She looked just like a china doll and still does.

She was tiny and still is (unlike her brothers who were chubby and the chubbiest baby you have ever seen respectively.)

1876 days of holding, snuggling and kissing a little girl. 3 years if worrying about her barely there hair and praying she has my complexion not her dad's and her dad's feet and not mine.

36 months of pink, lace, dolls, tea sets, ballerinas, finger nail polish and “cute outfits.” When you only have one girl you have to make every day a cute one.

3 years of discovering her nurturing, yet bossy personality. 2 years of being afraid she will turn into a tom boy.

1 year of being certain she is going to be an emotional roller coaster like her mother. Hundreds of signs and thousands of potty visits. 2 Emergency room visits.

14 nights apart. 3 years of looking forward to passing on my knowledge of being a woman. Several months of listening to her call herself “a little girdle.” 1 pair of tiny knee high black boots.

To our “Nutmeg,” “Princess Pink-Shoes-Snot-Nose-Wet Pants,” “Monkey,” Miss Mussolini.” Happy Birthday and Thank You for being a girl, my best friend, and liking pink.


Afton said...

Aww man! One time my mom told me that maybe we knew each other before we came to earth and were really good friends and were excited to find out that we would be mother and daughter.

That is the same feeling I got when I read this post: two spirit friends.

I'm going to call my mom now...

Erika said...

What sweet pictures. :) I love little girls. :)

Mommy Bee said...

It's hard to explain, the need to have a daughter...

oh yes, I am right with you there. I SO want a girly next!

Katharine said...

I'm one of 4, and the other 3 are boys...
My mom always told me that every mother deserves 1 girl, and I always wondered if she meant AT LEAST 1, or only deserves ONE (and no more!) Well, I would love a girl next.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Nutmeg!

Love, Katharine

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday, Nutmeg!

My 3yo dd was looking at the pictures of Nutmeg with me and she got all excited and said, "Ooooh, She's my sister too!" Girls are awesome! :)

Jenny said...

Oh...she is so sweet! I just love all of those pictures! How priceless. I'm so glad you have a girl! Even though they are so sassy and so emotional, they are divine!

Shawnel said...

Happy Birthday Nutmeg!

grandmawhitehouse said...

I Love this. I miss Nutmeg. Tell her that Grandma ans PomPa miss her and thank you for sharing your Cinderella Birthday cake with us