Friday, January 16, 2009

Mother Daughter Moments

On the list of things to do while in Montana there was "go antiquing" this was put off until the last day, which happened to be the day we were snowed in. I was pretty sad about it especially since there were a few things in particular I wanted to look for.

Today, I took Boba Fett's cello in to have some adjustments and found myself on Main Street in Hillsboro. There are at least 4 antique stores. Nutmeg and I popped into one and I watched as she flitted from case to case pointing out items that appealed to a 3 year old. She pointed out one of the prettiest sets of China I have ever seen, white with a fat pink band and silver flowers.

I am looking forward to more antiquing trips with my daughter. Maybe Nutmeg growing up isn't SO bad.

We saw a sewing bird only $395!


Shawnel said...

what in the world is a sewing bird?

Samurai Mom said...

It is in the picture on the post. A sewing bird holds your fabric while sewing so you can have tension.