Saturday, January 03, 2009

An unlucky day

When I woke Boba Fett this morning he opened his eyes and said with all the ferver of a 5 year old "Yes! This is my lucky day!" Why lucky? Well because during the vacation he had been saving up to buy a toy rifle at the truck stop in St. Regis (also known as "The Fish Store.") He spied it during our potty break on the way to Grandma's house. I grabbed it out of his hand looked at the price tag, $9.95 and said "Maybe you can earn some money and buy it when we come back." And then rushed him to the car, it was 4:00 and it was the shortest day of the year and we were trying to beat the dark.

So all vacation he shoveled Grandma's Porch and there was a LOT of snow. Santa brought $5 in his stocking and he earned enough for the gun. So when we arrived at "The Fish Store" I said to him "This is your lucky minute." He was so excited and we went back to the toys and the gun he wanted was not there. We asked the kind sales lady if they had any more and she went and looked and even called gift shops in Coeur d'Alene and Kellogg to no avail. No gun. Boba Fett was in heartbroken tears.

Then in the last half hour of the trip he declared he "couldn't take it any more." because he had been in the car for so long and was clutching at his throat as if in pain.

Then when unpacking we opened his whoopee cushion and it had a hole in it.

An unlucky day.

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Afton said...

He and Alexander should commiserate. Or maybe he could move to Australia. :)