Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on Wuthering Heights

I watched the first half of PBS' Wuthering Heights last night. I watched against my better judgement because I do NOT like Wuthering Heights.

I think Wuthering Heights is dark, twisted and has little to no redeeming value. It is a well written, carefully laid out compelling story. But compelling like a car wreck, you just can't look away from all the terrible things.

One woman said to me "I would just love to be loved like that."(implying Catherine and Heathcliff) I thought that was interesting. So you want to be loved in a way that causes the man who loves you to go earn his fortune in shady deals so that he can come back and drive your brother to his death out of revenge and then neglect and abuse his son (your nephew), seduce your sister in law and then torture her emotionally until she flees. Breaks your heart until you lose the will to live and die. Then the man you love abuses his own son and kidnaps your daughter forcing them to marry and forfeit their fortune to him. Eventually he dies of madness or heartbreak or just plain hate. Did I miss anything? Thanks, but I think I'll pass on that kind of love.

Catherine is incredibly selfish and irresponsible. She accepts none of the consequences of her actions and everything she does is without regard for others. She breaks Heathcliff's heart bending him on revenge, then marries Linton when her heart is Heathcliff's, expects Heathcliff to love her in spite of her marriage, no concern about Linton. Decides to die, leaving her daughter without a mother. Then she haunts Heathcliff for the next two decades. Not to mention wearing poor Nelly out.

Hindley is a pretty bad egg but would be better served with mercy than revenge. Linton is a pantywaist. Joseph is supposedly a pious Christian but is portayed ad strict and cruel. The only characters I like are Mr. Earnshaw and Hareton.

The movie thus far is pretty steamy which almost makes you forget about all the meaness in the story.

Four out of Seven thimbles.

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