Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Fruits of January

Just because I haven't been posting anything crafty doesn't mean that I have been sitting around watching period dramas and eating Candy Cane Joe Joes all month. Well actually I HAVE been sitting around watching period dramas and eating Candy Cane Joe Joes all month, but I have been crafting away as well.
When we were in Montana my mom helped me paint this. I did the composition and the actual painting she helped me decide on colors, highlight and how to make it look good. 4x4 acrylic on canvas. It needs a title and I am open to suggestions.Finally getting around to McCall's 5531. I added the hood and pockets. I didn't have enough of the bee lining so I had to make the sleeves out of something else.
I love my new coat. I love the roomy pockets, I love the color, I love the lining. Shell 100% wool, lining cotton. I plan on appliqueing a few bees on the hood and pocket.

In my quest for curly hair I experimented with pincurls. I am not sure how I feel about them yet.
A headband to keep me warm when I go walking. Pattern: DROPS Headband in Alaska Yarn: Cascade 220 Natural.
And wrist warmers to keep my hands from freezing. Pattern: Cherry Bomb Wrist Warmers Yarn: Cascade 220 Natural
This pixie hat is bigger than I had hoped. I knit it on 2s when the pattern called for 3s so go figure. This is supposed to fit a newborn. I might re-knit it. Pattern: Pixie Hat Yarn: Knitpicks Pallette color: Tidepool Heather.
I made this bracelet as a mock-up for the bracelets we were going to make for New Beginnings. We made 35 of them in the Young Women's Value Colors including gold which is the color for the new value Virtue. I made 9. Also I made 32 paper lanterns (cut with scalloped scissors which was genius!)for New Beginnings and orchestrated that event. Sadly, there were no pictures taken.
I crocheted 37 snowflakes (18 pictured here). These are not fun. Depending on the pattern they can take 20 minutes to 3 hours. And I can't crochet without looking so I am missing a lot of my movies. Blocking takes a lot of time and a lot of pins. I don't have enough pins. I didn't know that was possible. I am happy with them and plan on making 100+ before the year is out. I am using the book 99 Crocheted Snowflakes and the handful of free patterns online.
Some felt fruit and veggies for a little girl I know. I made about 16 more strawberries for Nutmeg. The strawberries are from this tutorial at Mr. Monkeysuit. The carrots and peas are my own design.

Props to Keira who came over and helped me arrange our family photos.

Currently I am working on a flannel dress for Nutmeg, remaking the sweater that was supposed to be my mom's Christmas gift, and a cowl for me in cream with pearls.


Afton said...

You're a type A, aren't you... :)

january was sure a productive month for you. I read 16 books, but didn't make any felt food (which is amazingly cute, by the way, and something I would really covet if I had a girl...good thing I don't)

Suggested title for painting: "Potential." Or..."Possibilities." Or..."Still Life with Thread." Or..."Genesis."

sara said...

It was all lovely! I love the idea of the bracelets! What a great idea! Totally possible also for my HUGE group of activity day girls (46)! And I LOVE the green color on your wall!