Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Low Tech, High Maintenance

I want to listen to the radio when I am in the kitchen preparing dinner. Just the AM radio, I don't even need any fancy FM stereo.
I have a radio not 10 steps away from the kitchen in the Library but it has one of those little cord antenna and I can't pick up any stations on it. I don't need a clock, there are already three in the kitchen just a radio.
I could stream from the computer but the radio stations' streaming only works with a Microsoft operating system, which I do not use.
Apparently this is too low tech for the 21st century.

So last night Moose and I packed up all the little mooselings into the car and went to Best Buy for two items.
When we got to BB I was in the lead filing past the DVD's when I noticed the kids were starting to lag behind, I turned around and I couldn't see Moose, then I saw him bent over looking at something on a low shelf in the Blue Ray Section. We don't have a Blue Ray player so I walked over to him and said "What are you looking at Honey?" In a sweet little wifey voice. He stood up and he was NOT Moose. I had never seen that guy in my life. I said "Oh, you are not my honey, I am sorry." Blushed, and turned around. Then I saw Moose wondering what on earth I was doing. I walked over to him and said "That man is NOT my husband. Where were you?" Home Theatre section.

We arrived at the headphone section.
As I have stated before I have small ears. Generally this is a good thing because small ears = beautiful ears in my opinion, but it does cause a problem when it comes to headphones and earpieces. Earbuds do not stay in my ears or are too big and hurts them. Ear pieces are too heavy and hurt my ears. We tried to find something that will work.
We ended up purchasing some Nike Vapor phones which ended up being too big for the inside of my ear and too heavy and pinchy for the outside of the ear. I think I will forgo coolness and get some good old headband style earphones. (By the way headbands press on my head and give me a headache so I can't wear those either, only all fabric headbands around here.)

We looked for the plain old low tech radio, - we did not find there though apparently there is one available at Best Buy online. Which brings me to how stupid major retail stores are with their websites.

When I go to I am not looking to buy at I am deciding if it is worth my time to find someone to watch the kids and get in the car and drive to The GAP and shop. I would never buy an article of clothing unless I knew it would fit me.
For example, this fall when I was looking for a black turtleneck online and I found turtlenecks at and decided it was worth a trip to the Gap to check it out. The guy in the store looked at me as if I had said "Polyester Leisure Suit" instead of "turtleneck". I told him they had one on the website. He told me that they don't have a lot of things that are on the website.

Don't they get it?!? Use your website to drive traffic to your store you big retail morons! And then have the items the people want. They treat the websites as separate endeavors when they SHOULD be an addition to the store.
All their websites accomplish is me getting a sitter and wasting my time going to The GAP for no good reason when I could have just stayed home and bought online. This makes me want to not shop at retail stores because they are a waste of my time but I don't want to buy online because I want to try on my clothes first! So I don't buy anything and their stock falls and the economy is in the dumps all because had a turtleneck and the store didn't and the only profit was made by my babysitter.
I did not get a black turtleneck form I went without. So anyway has a little radio but I think I will be buying it from anyone BUT


Shawnel said...

I second that. It is so annoying.

Afton said...

Polyester leisure suit... yeah, I love how those fresh faced Gap employees make me feel so "cool." They certainly seem to think I'm cool when I fork over $60 for a pair of jeans.

Here's something though...if you buy on line, you can usually return to the store, but then of course you are having to pay shipping, which may be the reason you don't want to buy on line in the first place. I think some places like LL Bean have a virtual model. You can put in all your measurements and then see how stuff looks on your model.

I had a lame time at the bookstore today. So many things they did NOT carry that they should have. And yes, they kept saying I could order on-line and pick it up at the store, but I didn't WANT to order on line, which is why I went to the store for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with headphones, but I found that if I buy the earbuds that have the little, soft rubber, interchangeable earpiece covers and I use the smallest size, they work.