Friday, January 23, 2009

They call me Madam President

Last night I was explaining to Moose the reasons why I could not be the President of these United States. While I would kick butt on domestic and economic issues I have doubts about my ability to defend the country.

Moose disagreed with me and thought that I would do just fine. This vote of confidence touched me. And so, if you will have me I am throwing my hat in the ring. I will be your president.
I promise I will not lie to you.

I will balance the budget like a stay at home mom with several kids - with a hatchet and a scalpel. If you want something you will have to earn it not expect me to give you the money.

I will work toward getting the federal government out of education completely.

I will work to abolish the IRS - but I gotta be honest this will be tough to get through congress but I will try.

I WILL VETO all bills with even a trace of pork.

I have no attachment to Social Security. I think we should phase it out starting now.

The FDA is number one on my list of corrupt government agencies and I will reform them or ax them. Your children will not be science experiments.

I will do what I can to stop the killing of children, regardless of their gestational age, but you will have to shout out and help me because alone I will be ineffective.

You can have all the guns you like.

Free Trade is my economic policy.

I won't send your sons to war unless it is to protect you - for real.

I think there should be a petition day when regular people get to talk to the president and tell them their concerns.

I will defend the constitution not attack it or undermine it.

P.S. I am not eligible for a few years yet but I think we can start fundraising.


Mommy Bee said...

Well, I heartily disagree with you about free trade vs fair trade...but otherwise I think I'd vote for you. :) If nothing else, I believe I can trust you, and even if we disagree on some points trust is worth a lot. :)

Mossy Wife said...

I'd vote for you! YAY for the CONSTITUTION!!!!

Samurai Mom said...

Mommy Bee, I confess I do not know the details of Fair vs. Free Trade. I thought the difference was moral only and not something the Gov't should legislate however I will look into the details, they appear subtle at first glance so it will take time.

Another thing, I am not afraid to say that upon further study change my position (if only Romney had learned that!)

Thank You for your support and I appreciate your Vote.