Sunday, January 11, 2009

That's a Crock Pot of Deliciousness!

The Lovely Mrs. Moss and Mr. Moss gave me a Crock Pot for Christmas. It has a removable crock. that's all I have to say about that. No more boiling water in the crock pot to clean it, no sir-ee. Dishwasher baby.

Also, while in Montana I was reading the Daily Interlake (which is a blog post in itself that I will relate one day remind me of the words "Law Enforcement Roundup) and saw a mini article about crock pots and this book that has recipes with out cans of cream o' something soup. I put it on hold at the library and picked it up yesterday. Last night I read the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Slow Cooker Cooking and picked out a few recipes.

Today I made Chicken Parprikash pg 195 (in the new pot) and Classic Creole Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce sans pecans pg 301 (in the old small pot.) I recommend using boneless chicken in the crock pot, we found that the chicken legs fell apart and we didn't know if each spoonful was full of delicious chicken and vegetables or cartilage and bones.

They both earned 4 thumbs up with Moose being the only dissenter but he doesn't like anything that does not involve processed cheese or steak so his objections were thrown out.

The book gets 5 out of 7 thimbles. It is easy to read and flip through but some of the recipes make me wonder why I am using a crock pot if I am doing ALL this prep or why am I using a crock pot if I am using all these dishes. See, for me Crock pots are about easy and minimal dishes.

And then Mommy Bee posted a link to A YEAR OF CROCKPOTTING and I learned of Stephanie who cooked in her crock pot everyday in 2008, I can't decide if I admire her, am jealous of her or afraid of her. Either way she certainly is a gal with follow through.

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Crockpot Lady said...

eh, don't be jealous. I'm just a normal everyday mom. Although I did just get highlights, so my hair is rather shiny and artificially streaked.
I'm happy to help with your crockpotting in any way I can.