Thursday, January 15, 2009

A timely post...

Since I don't know where to start in a Christmas Review I will just dive right in with gifts that I made. I know it is 3 weeks after Christmas but after all that crafting I needed some time to recoup.

A Lush and Lacy in Knit Picks Swish Superwash Bordeaux for The Lovely Mrs. Moss. I am modeling it so it doesn't fit just right.
An Extreme robe for Mr. Moss. He had specifications for this robe and I learned it is hard to find good terry cloth - so I went to bed bath and beyond and purchased bath sheets and towels and made it out of that. I had my friend Paula embroider "Extreme" on the lapel.
A Flying W Weezer hat for Moose but he doesn't like it. Commander C however loves it and Boba Fett has requested one as well.
For my Knitting Friends I made Mystery Yarn balls. You buy a skein of Yarn and wrap it around fun knitting accessories so when the ball is unwound there are surprises unwrapped every so often.

I made stitch markers out of beads and buttons. Fixed a Christmas colored stitch marker on the ball and tied with a pretty ribbon.

Commander C designed this sweater and I knit it. He has worn it at least 10 days since Christmas. I am unhappy with the ladder effect on the saddle shoulders but other wise VERY happy. Knit in Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Black and Red Pepper on size 8 needles. Elizabeth Zimmerman saddle shoulder yoke instructions.

Boba Fett requested a Luigi sweater. Oy! What a pain. I didn't know intarsia was SO difficut.

I had to knit the sweater twice once in the round and once in flat pieces. Did the intarsia twice,once in the round and once in flat pieces then scrapped it and did duplicate stitch which is where you kind if embroider over the stockingette to make it look like it is knit. Then I knit the neck not once, ore twice but three times, and it still flips out.Then it turned out that I had placed Luigi too low so he is on the belly rather than the chest. I love the 1 up mushroom on the sleeve!The picture isn't so hot because I haven't blocked it and the yarn has been knit and re-knit and wound around other colors so there are fuzzies everywhere. Knit in Knit Picks Swish Superwash Black, Dublin, and Bare on size 8 needles.

Modern Vintage hankies for my mom. I got a bee in my bonnet the day before we left for Montana and sewed some of these up out of fabrics from my stash.
I made several family history tree picture charms for my dad and Aunt Janie.

I rounded my siblings up to sing a song for my dad. I have video but I haven't watched it yet and I am afraid because it was early and our voices were scratchy.

I think that is all I MADE but not nearly all I gave.

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