Tuesday, July 12, 2005


OK so last night was the premiere of "Rock Star: INXS"

I have been so nervous because...what if it is LAME? And then my band would look stupid. But it wasn't lame, it was pretty good as far as reality TV shows go.

I love people actually recognizing INXS as a rock band - not just some 80's pop sensation. The guys looked GREAT. Garry still makes my haert skip a beat.

I was suprised that Tim did all the talking last night, I don't know I kinda pictured Andrew as the "leader" if there was one since he and Michael wrote most of the songs and I had gleaned from my fan-obsessed reading that he was kinda the driving force in the beginning.

So heres the funny thing. I have loved INXS since middle school. I love their older, pre- "Kick" stuff. When I was 18 I came out of a new age/ classical phase and fell back in love with INXS this time head over heels. I really wanted to see the Elegantly Wasted tour but I was saving my money for my semester in London and said "I'll catch them next time." Well...of course Michael died halfway through my semester. I watched them at the opening of the Sydney Olympics on TV but by the time they were touring again I was a married fuddy duddy old lady with kids to look after.

POINT IS - last night I felt like a teenager again. everytime I saw they guys or heard INXS on the TV my heart would race, face would flush I would squeal. it was crazy - Kinda like Beatlemania - but more restrained on my living room couch folding laundry.
It is almost time for tonight's show, of course I am Tivoing it but still...Thank you CBS for not letting the show be lame...so far.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The things we don't do

I spent an hour this morning clearing overgrown flowerbeds of grass and weeds. I liked it. I love working in the yard but I never do it. True the constant battle of trying to keep my house clean ( I am woefully inadequate on that front) keeps me preoccupied. But why do I never get outside?

It's like yoga. I love doing yoga, I feel so relaxed, my body feels great, I have more energy. Everytime I practice I say "WHY don't I do this everyday?" And the next day comes and I don't find the time and months pass by before I roll out my mat again.

My neighbor is retired and spends his time in the yard. It is the nicest garden. But he has TIME and MONEY to invest. I am surprised at how expensive yardwork is. You need tools, and stones, and plants and in our case dirt because we live apparently on a slab of clay. Which means if I want to grow food I need garden boxes so I can have a raised bed. The point is this is the yard next to mine so whenever I think about the state of my yard I get depressed comparing it to the garden of bliss next door. The only thing pretty in our yard are the things climbing over the fence from next door.

So funny little story. I went from the back yard through the house to the garage to get a rake. I opened the garage door and walked to the gate to go back into the yard. I opened the gate and was met by a ... JUNGLE...yes a jungle of weeds taller than myself. Luckily I had the rake to hack my way through.

Maybe we will spend the holiday weekend in the garden...