Monday, June 30, 2008

Aloha Oe!

Well, we are back from Hawaii, but still on vacation in Montana. We were so tired by the time we arrived that we were hard pressed to be good parents even though we have had a 2 week break to recoup.

Commander C is taller I swear, browner and older. The first thing out of his mouth was that he shot a gun and a shotgun. Welcome to Montana where you learn to shoot before you can tie your shoes. According to my family he is a really good shot. I was expecting danger in the form of a pocket knife not firearms.

Boba Fett is just the same, talkative and affectionate.
Nutmeg was asleep and then grumpy once she woke up, but she looks very cute in her Hula outfit.

The last day in Hawaii was very hot but finally after 2 weeks I learned the things I wanted to about Hawaii and saw some serious lava action thanks to Iolani Palace and the Bishop Museum.

The flight was more than frustrating, I refer to it as the Voyage of the Damned. It involved seating snafus, a peanut allergy, myself full of rage, 2 hours on the runway, extreme thirst, a medical emergency and running barefoot from one end of the Portland airport to the other in a couple of minutes.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Things have not been going well. Saturday and Sunday on the Big Island were less than we had hoped and it put on 80 some miles more than the allotment on the rental car (of which we were unaware) and cost us even more money.
Monday was spent looking for a suitable place to lay our heads since the Kuhio Banyan Club was not acceptable. The picture is the view from the door of our room.

Tuesday at the Polynesian Cultural Center was not as great as everyone said it was.

Wednesday was the unfortunate Pearl Harbor Fiasco which ended in the worst fight of our marriage over a submarine, a pineapple drink and $20.

Thursday was the Dole Pineapple Plantation which is a complete tourist trap please do not waste your time there unless you a.) really, really have a thing for pineapples or b.) really love big mazes (which defeated us), and have lots of time. Otherwise, if you are still curious the signs around the place tell you everything the tour does and the gift shop is fully decked out in pineapple paraphernalia. Dole truly understands souvenirs.
Also Thursday we went to a surfing restaurant that ranked low on the good food scale and HIGH on the annoyance factor. Followed by a crushing (literally) defeat at boogie boarding on Oahu's North shore. Later Moose went to Lanikai Beach but it was cloudy, so, again he was thwarted. The two high points of the day were basking in the sun on the deserted North Shore and when I was at the salon getting my nails done the lady could not believe that the tips of my fingernails were naturally that white and strong. She held my hands up for all to see and then said, "Wacha washa wa cha wa ha hai, Oh, my gosh! Wash cha wa ch hi ha ho shi!" I was so proud.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pele was Jealous

Apparently Pele was jealous of my beauty as we had rain, clouds, rain and clouds on our Volcanic excursions yesterday. Moose was unhappy with the rapid speed that our helicopter buzzed by the interesting spots, and he was stuck in the middle. I was awestruck by the majesty of it all. I still maintain that volcanology is "So fascinating." We drove to where you could allegedly see the lava flow but it was very late after a long day of exploring lava fields and they only let you get about 1/2 a mile away from the flow, and it started raining.

Above is a picture of the lava as it meets the ocean creating a plume of sulphur dioxide

Which you can see here as we saw it when we FLEW THROUGH IT!

And Nicki on some pāhoehoe lava.

After the disappointment at the lava viewing area we headed back for a supper at Uncle Billy's Restaurant in Hilo which is as interesting as it sounds. There was an adorable, yet hilarious 2 man (Stanford and Howard) ukulele and guitar band that had a wonderful way of introducing songs as if they were originally preformed by little known bands with even less well known tunes. "This is another song about Margaritas, (very long pause) written by Jimmy Bufett, (even longer pause) it's called 'Margaritaville.'" and "This is a song by a band called 'The Temptations'" as if no one in the room had been hearing Magaritaville non stop for the past week and had never heard of The Temptations. The band itself was... well the songs sounded like the songs they said they would, with a Hawaiian twist and very loose consonants.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aloha from the Garden Island

Unfortunately Internet access isn't as accessible as I had hoped here on Kauai so my blog posts will have to come later. We are having a great time exploring. The bottom picture is a picture of me swimming in The Queen's Bath my new favorite spot on Earth.
Above is a fun picture of me at the Luau which was spectacular. Poi not withstanding.
Today we have a cruise along the Na' Pali coast at sunset, tomorrow Kayaking up the Wilua river!

Friday, June 13, 2008


I didn't want to do it, I really didn't want to do it. The weather made me do it. Then entire month of May there were only 4 sunny days so there wasn't much opportunity to acclimate my pale skin to the suns shining rays. So this week I caved to the advice of many, many others and I went to a tanning booth. The first time though of questionable a sanitary condition was uneventful. The second time felt more hygienic and was also uneventful. The third time turned my backside into a bright red lobster. I am so mad, I wanted to avoid a sunburn by doing the tanning sessions. I didn't want a self inflicted burn. It doesn't hurt too much.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ding Ding?

So I was walking out of the Spokane Valley Mall yesterday when I was nearly run over by a car.
The car was sitting outside of the mall making no noise. I logically assumed is was parked and turned off. Then it started moving toward me.
The woman was looking at me like "Are you crazy lady, Walking in front of my car!?!?"
I looked at her thinking "How is your car moving without making any noise?"

It was a Prius. I agree with Kiera those things are unnerving. They should make some sort of sound - maybe tinkling fairy bells?

Snow, Snow, Snow

Yes, snow. That is the theme for our journey. As we were driving out of Portland, My mom informed me that is snowed in Kalispell and in Spokane. While in Spokane my mom told us that is had been snowing in Kalispell all day long. My Father-in-law called to tell us about the snow and to check the Montana DOT pass cameras before we leave. My dad called to inform us that there was supposed to be a huge snow storm in Plains until about noon (our travelling window.)

We are poorly dressed. I did not allow the kids to bring pants and long sleeved shirts. Summer will come, our wardrobe demands it!

I am so glad that we are going to Hawaii in 3 days.

Also, FYI the Down East Basics store in the Spokane Valley Mall is not a store but an easy to walk right past kiosk, at least for the next 2 weeks at which time there will allegedly be a store. I am thrilled my new French Blue Wonder Tee.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Coming Out of the Closet

The political closet that is. Anyone who knows me knows that I have very strong political views. It all goes back to this little thing written a couple hundred years ago called "The Constitution of the United States of America" and the ideals espoused by the authors; liberty, freedom and personal responsibility.
I have been a little reluctant to admit to most that I support Ron Paul for President because I don't like being laughed at.
I find it disturbing that most people just laugh at him. Friends of mine were at a Republican caucus late last year and people thought Paul was so ridiculous. As if espousing ideals that align with our constitution are something to mock.
The media's treatment has been outrageous. We know what happens to their darlings - Obama. The only mainstream media piece I saw about Paul was about how prostitutes in Nevada support him for President. Hardly fair reporting.
Ron Paul shares my views on economic policy, war on terror, immigration, education, Social Security, health care, states rights, the Federal Reserve and limited government to name a few. He will not compromise nor will I. That is why I support Ron Paul for President of the United States of America.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Sabbatical Man

Sabbatical man, Sabbatical man
Triangle man hates Sabbatical man
They have a fight, Sabbatical wins
Sabbatical Man

Moose officially started his sabbatical 3 hours ago.
The sabbatical makes up for the insanity of the T-Comp handbook.
8 weeks of no work!!!

A Dream Regarding Economics

After last night's discussion on Free to Choose by Milton Friedman, I had and interesting dream. I was having a one-on-one conversation with the governor, giving him a little lesson on fiscal policy. The best part of the dream was when I said "Look, everybody knows that you are bought and paid for by the teacher's union, but just listen for a minute." And he did.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The final straw

That's it. I can't take it anymore. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun...two weeks ago???
It is 65 degrees inside my house, I am wearing a wool turtleneck, knee-socks, jeans and wool slippers and I am still cold. It is June 5th for Pete's sake!
I went to the "internets" to see what the weather is like in Hawaii (I will be there in just 8 days) and it is raining there too. It is supposed to rain all week there. If I have a rainy 2 week vacation (for which I have waited 30 years) in paradise I might just lose my mind completely.
I will not die in vain though - I will make sure I take down the IRS when I go. The taxpayers will rejoice. (Yes, I realize the Homeland Security will now be tracking my blog; but hey, I need more readers)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

There Will Be No Government Subsidies

"L gets $5 a week just for being a good kid." Commander C informed us. He was angling for a similar compensation. I cringed because if L gets $5 then Commander C deserves $15, $10 on his bad attitude weeks. He is really a good kid and according to him L doesn't even have ANY chores.

We didn't say anything just then but I feel a little economic lecture is in order all about how we aren't a socialist household and no one gets money just for being there. Dad doesn't get paid just for being a good dad, or citizen or whatever and Mom certainly doesn't. A talk about self reliance and the only way to get money is to earn money. There are things he is expected to do as a member of this family but if he is willing to do extra there is that Help Wanted board right there in the School Room and there are plenty of opportunities for him to earn money.

Maybe L's parents need a little lesson in economics too.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Coke Man

So yesterday Commander C and I rode up the elevator to the Dentist's office with the Coke delivery guy and a dolly full of soda pop.
"Are you going to the dentists' office with that?" I asked suspiciously.
"Yep." He replied
"Hmmm." I uttered in a disapproving manner.
"Well, it's diet, so its not bad for you." defending his trade.
"Still not good for your teeth." I retorted.
And thus we went on he trying to convince me that it was perfectly fine and I trying to convince him of the irony of the situation.
"What do you think?" I said to Commander C.
Then the elevator door opened and we followed one another into the dentists' office.

Summer Reading Quandry

I am choosing books to read for my trip to Hawaii. I think I have settled on Prague by Arthur Phillips though I must say that I feel a bit cheated by the title. I bought the book thinking it was about Prague, but really it is about Budapest. I'll take it because they are in relatively the same geographical area. I have no idea if it is any good but I am a sucker for anything that says Prague.

But I need a second book idea, you know in case I finish Prague or just can't get into it. I was planning on finally opening my friend's book Dead Reckoning but I don't think it is exactly what I am looking for in a vacation book. Too sci-fi (sorry Craig.)

I don't want to waste valuable reading time on fluff but I also don't think that The Federalist Papers are going to work well. I have toyed with the idea of rereading Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier but I also don't know if I want to waste precious uninterrupted by children reading time on a book I have read umpteen times. British pastoral novels are indeed my favorite comfort genre and I am aching to re-read Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell but English countryside and petticoats on the beach???

So...opinions??? Remember if it is questionable on the moral tone (like Rebecca) it had better be well written. Also if it is already in my library and I don't have to buy it that would be a huge plus. I am open to biographies but am looking for a little romance.