Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I can't sleep because the babies aren't either!

I can't sleep. Too many things on my mind. Whirlwind of thoughts - frustration, anger, disappointment, helplessness, apathy.

The AAP has its new infant sleep recommendations out. What a load of misinformation. Basically it says never to sleep with your baby and to give them a pacifier. OK I don't have much against pacifiers they didn't harm my breastfeeding relationship with my first son and after a nasty virus he gave his binky up so we never had to get rid of a terrible habit. My second son I didn't encourage to use one - though I offered it but he never took to it.

but the anti-co-sleeping that REALLY gets me angry. First of all don't THEY know that SIDS statistics are grossly inaccurate? Basically if a baby dies while sleeping in this country they label it SIDS. Baby smothers - SIDS, baby chokes on foreign object- SIDS, Drunk and high- adult rolls over on baby - SIDS, baby has previous health problems and succumbs while sleeping - SIDS. And there are the actual unexplained cases of SIDS. I personally know someone whose baby had respiratory problems and her baby died while sleeping - couldn't get enough air- they labeled it SIDS. Its like the vaccine conspiracy - if your child has a reaction to a vaccine the doc is SUPPOSED to report it but they hardly ever do. It is all politics.

OK so now why co-sleeping is good. IT REDUCES THE RISK OF SIDS CASES AND OTHER INFANT DEATHS! First of all co-sleeping mothers often breastfeed which is known to reduce the risk of SIDS. A baby who suckles during the night has different sleeping patterns than a baby stuck alone in a crib and forced to spend the dark night there.
The mothers themselves are very aware while sleeping. I have never in 5 1/2 years ever not been aware of my children when they were in my bed. I have never rolled on top of them maybe a hand or foot) and I never let them slip under the covers. It just doesn't happen Mother radar just kicks in. I sleep deeply enough to ignore a kick or two but if something was wrong with my baby I would know in a heartbeat.
Another compelling reason is breathing patterns. Hearing someone breathe reminds babies to keep breathing - if they were inclined to stop hearing mom's heartbeat and breathing keeps them going too.
And the best reason mom always knows what is going on with baby. A baby in a crib in another room or the same room could be dead for hours before you would even think something was wrong. A mother next to her baby can know immediately and would have a chance of resuscitating the baby.

This has nothing to do with the crap coming from the AAP but is along the co-sleeping theme. Co-sleeping keeps me sane. I literally can not fathom how these parents can get up out of bed at night and pace around with a wailing baby! I can not do it I do not have the patience at night. The handful of times I have had to stay up with a sick baby I thought I was going to implode. My nighttime parenting skills consist of "Insert breast" for infants and " snuggle up" for toddlers. That is as far as my mind works at night.

Will I put my new little baby to sleep in my bed when she arrives? You bet I will you couldn't stop me it is safer and just makes more sense!