Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Reading List

I have started reading again as knitting season is in the Pro-bowl state.

Read this month:
Ivanhoe - By Sir Walter Scott - For TJEd discussion group. Liked it, really liked it, but thought that is was too long. Why is this book called "Ivanhoe"? It should be called "Rebecca" or "Superbad knights from Merry Old England, Their Cohorts and Their Ladies"

Instead of Education - by John Holt for a different discussion Group. Good stuff. Down with S-chools, hooray for homeschools, s-chools unite!

Persepolis - By Marjane Satropi
A touch of misguided communism in appealing comic book form. Interesting look and the Iran of the late 70's early 80's. I don't know much about the topic so I was unable to compare it with anything else. Iranians are people too - their leaders are a little bit Recommended reading takes 2 hours tops.

Currenty reading:

Teach the Children - by Neal Flinders
Good, but I find it frustrating to read books that want to advocate homeschooling but can't because they were written before homeschooling became acceptable so they focus on fixing the broken and unfix-able public school machine. (Also my only criticism of Instead of Education - just tell us to Homeschool!)

The Merry Adventures of Robing Hood - By Howard Pyle
I inherited this bedtime story book because Moose does not like reading Pyle. I now know why
"Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue." is nothing to the prose of Pyle. Luckily I have a background in Shakespeare and I can barrel through fancy language with some ease. I am probably reading it too fast, I always read aloud very quickly.
Question: Is Robin Hood a good role model? He is a criminal, how do I work this into a leadership education? Commander C is lapping it up and thus so I continue.

The Book of Mormon:
Totally doing this in fits and starts, like 15 chapters on Sunday, 3 on Wednesday and guilt the other 5 days of the week. I am highlighting in green with my new fancy scripture marker all the verses that are examples on how and what to teach one's Children.

To be read:
Mary Barton - Elisabeth Gaskell (for fun)
The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster (for Commonwealth)
God's Politics - By Jim Wallis (for TJEd discussion group) this will prove thought provoking, thus far I am not agreeing with the author.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

63 reasons to love Luke!

1. He is cute.
2. He says "G'day"
3. He writes "I love Janessa Moss" in the sand.
4. His fingers never smell like smoke.
5. Dad likes him.
6. He LOVES the USA!
7. He is LDS.
8. He is not chubby.
9. He likes our family.
10. The family likes him.
11. He wanted to give his DS to Eddy.
12. Eddy loves him.
13. He has brown eyes.
14. He has brown hair.
15. He is so nice.
16. Mom like him.
17. He will take a girl to the temple.
18. His mom likes Janessa.
19. He bought Taylor a boomerang.
20. He is tall but not too tall.
21. He wears hoodies at the cinema.
22. Sara likes him.
23. He knows how to throw anotha shrimp on the barbie.
24. He is generous.
25. He puts up with Janessa and still loves her.
26. We like the way he talks.
27. He'll treat you right.
28. Brian likes him.
29. He spent Christmas in a foreign land.
30. He would be a good father.
31. Regan likes him.
32. He likes mint oreos.
33. He likes to go shopping.
34. He is not gay.
35. His initials spell LAW
36. Jessica likes him.
37. HE showed Danny how to pull his thumb off.
38. His breath never smells like beer.
39. He likes Montana.
40. He doesn't leave the toilet seat up.
41.Cameron likes him.
42. He is Australian.
43.He'll move across the world to be near you.
44.He is good with kids.
45.He is handy.
46.Margaret likes him
47. He can lay tile.
48. He is not a bum.
49. He likes Disneyland
50.He conserves water.
51. Kylene likes him.
52. He does a good gay impression.
53. You don't deserve him.
54. Danny likes him.
55. Jason likes him.
56. Jeremy likes him.
57.He has a job.
58.Audrey likes him.
59. Janie likes him.
60. Shawnel likes him.
61. Really you love him.
62. He is the best thing that could ever happen to you.
63. He is forgiving.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Here's a little something for you!

SO, I don't take pills. When I am pregnant I try to choke down a few because I am generally anemic and tired during pregnancy. I also do not remember to give my children pills. Yet I have an entire cupboard shelf for vitamins, herbs and supplements. My homeopathics DO get used but the rest of this stuff...not so much.

I was organizing my cupboard today and took all of these things out. Nearly half are things I puchased because I wanted to. The Vitamin C, B-12, Folic Acid, Dandelion Root, Papaya Root (pregnancy heartburn be gone), Cran-actin, Cramp-ease, Nettle and Garlic Oil.

The Other half are things that my practicioners convinced me to buy. The trouble with those are ... they aren't cheap. We are talking about $30+ a bottle here folks. Most of them are things that it would behoove me to take or give to my children, but I forget. There are a few exceptions there is the big bottle with a shiny label, that is from the MLM my parents were into before the current one. Why do Mormons Like MLM's so much? I don't know, I did not inherit that gene. I don't know what it does and as I opened it this afternoon I learned, the seal hasn't even been broken.
Then there is the Opti-Gyn. Opti-Gyn is some sort of super vitamin for women with reprodictive issues. I acquired a this bottle during a last ditch effort to avoid surgery. It was a late rainy winter evening, I got a last minute appointment at the Naturopathic College of Medicine downtown. My best friend saved me by watching my son for me while I went in. While I was there I learned 1) My insurance would not cover this visit and the person who recommended it to me had a different idea of affordable than I did. 2) It was hot in that building, and I was in emotional distress. 3) I was starving and dangerously close to passing out from hunger.
After waiting quite some time I finally was ushered into a room with a real doctor and 3 students. I cried out my story to them and told them how much I wanted to avoid surgery and that it was scheduled in 3 weeks.
They grilled me, asked every single question under the sun, 3 times. They then left the room for quite some time to confer and then came back, told me to eat a better diet and showed me out the door. Where I was met with a bill of $80 and told to buy this bottle of pills. Cost $40 - sure I could have declined to do so but all 4 of the doctors were hovering watching me write out my check and as I mentioned the 3 points I was in no state to argue. As soon as I left the building I cried, and cried and cried. I picked up my son, crying out the whole story and then arrived home where my husband had to make me soup and put me to bed.

The next morning I called the office and told them I would like to return my bottle of pills. I was told that all pharmacy purchases were non refundable. I was so mad, I stopped payment on my check. Where I learned 1) banks charge $25 dollars to stop payment on checks. 2) even if you are pissed off about the treatment you recieved at the doctors office you still have to pay.

So I was stuck with the $80 visit, $40 pills, and $25 check cancellation fee, and a $10 late payment fee at the office. Nice, emotional abuse and highway robbery. And I still had to have the surgery.

I can't get rid of these pills because I am so frugal - I can't thow out money. I am not going to take them because I will not remember, I can't get rid of them because Freecycle won't let you freecycle "supplements" even though they won't define supplements.

So I just look at these pills as a tip. I give the practicioners ;who are all excellent (save the Opti-Gyn pushers) a little tip. They do a good job and I smile and buy their pills so they can make a little more money than my insurance company will pay them.
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