Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mixed Bag

The good news is I don't need a filling.
The better news is that there isn't a crack in the existing filling.
The great news is that I don't need a root canal.
The really great news is that the diagnosis is gum line sensitivity and recommended treatment is re-calcification.
The bad news is I will still have pain and sensitivity for a while and I didn't get to lecture anyone about HMO's, mercury amalgam fillings or the AMA/ADA.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

A non linear tour of my home, so you can see what all this decorating has been about.
The Time Zone Clocks in the boys room. 4 clocks ticking is loud!
The little labels on the bottom are chalkboards so we can easily change the time zones.
As seen earlier, the "Schoolroom"
The Front Room
More Front Room
The (insert descriptive word here) table/cabinet that I made for aproximately $ 3o.The sign on the door to the downstairs bath.
The W.C.
(The Writers Closet)
Behind that door
The sink
Toilet paper wrapped in some of my favorite quotations.
I will add more quotations in the glass panes as soon as I decide on them.
Wall of Authors

Close up of the Shakespeare picture.

Stay tuned for the ultra girly room that belongs to Nutmeg, the other bathroom, and more!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sabbath Leaves

Our Beautiful World: Wool is such a fabulous creation. It keeps a sheep warm all winter long and when it is too warm people can shear it off, cooling the animal and a fabulous fiber for humans to spin, knit, felt and weave to keep people warm the following winter. The fibers shrink forming a thick, very water resistant textile. Wool can keep you warm even when it is wet. It feels so nice between your fingers, soft and fluffy like a warm cloud.
Blessings: I feel so blessed to have been able to hear the words at The General Relief Society meeting. All of the talks were uplifting and inspirational. Elder Uchtdorf's talk was stirring, each and every minute. There will be much to study, ponder and apply in our lives.
Striving: To be more spiritual.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Communitsts, Germans and Stars. Oh, My!

I have never been a huge fan of Paul Newman mostly because I am not that familiar with his work (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and only slightly familiar with his salad dressings. I have been delving deeper lately watching The Long Hot Summer, Exodus and tonight Torn Curtain is on the docket. I thought it was ironic that a Paul Newman Movie arrived in the mail the day he died.


A few weeks ago we travelled to a resort and spent the day in the warm springs pool. We do this annually and always have a good time and bring home sunburns.

This trip we also had a visual treat in the locker room. I took a picture because I didn't think anyone would believe it.
Yes. Those are the sanitary liners that they put in swim suits to protect them from germs. The resort used them for tape. Gross. Where did they find them and why didn't they use tape or clean band aids or gum? Anything would have been less disgusting.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a homeschool family.
Wake up and check on Hairy Spider - he is not on vacation (sorry about the fuzzy pic the camera refused to focus on him.)
Build a castle,
and a secure institution.
Make Pokemon cards.
Have a conference with Commander Piggy.Listen to Mom's records.on high speed so they Sound like chipmunks

DanceAnd dance some more.
Make a wishing well and solicit wishes.
Play with friends, ace cello lessons eat pizza, go to bed.

Birth Order

I have been reading the Nie Nie Dialogues lately, Nie's posts have caused me to do a lot of reflecting. I have been wondering about birth order, mostly about how a family dynamic might be different if girls are born first rather than boys, or a quiet personality being the first child versus an exuberant personality.
I see Nie's girls being girly as can be and wonder if Nutmeg will ever be that way. She likes girly thing as much as the next girl but she also likes Legos and swordplay and since she has 2 older brothers video games and Jedi duels are the order of the day. I can't imagine my kids playing dress up or having tea parties ... ever.
My friend Sarah has 6 girls and she can sew, and create, and decorate and watch girly movies to her hearts content I wonder how different her home is from my cousin Ann who has 3 boys.

If you haven't heard of the Nie Nie Dialogues yet where have you been for the last month - certainly not on the Internet. You can catch up with Nie's continuing story on her sister's blog C-Jane

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hodge Podge

Today I am breaking the "rule" and making dishes I have never made before to serve to my guests. Also, Funeral potatoes, I have never made those either but well they are funeral potatoes how wrong could they go? Either way there will be good conversation followed by our book discussion on John Adams by McCullough.

Also my sweet mother sent me a check in addition to my other gifts. I bought myself Shy Bear Blythe and an outfit to go with it. I hope she will look a little something like this...
As for the rest of my b-day stash, Cascade 220 in plum to make myself this...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Contrary to popular belief, September is not my favorite month, October is. September, however, is a very close second.

Thanks to my LP collection and the 7-up $100,000,000 Match Up record, we have been grooving to September the song. I first noticed this song a few years ago in a GAP ad. I couldn't find that but I did find this...

This video rocks. Circa 1978 - a very good month, I was born, the church issued Official Declaration - 2, and this groovy song. Excellent.

Honey, I think I want this for my ringtone.

I am a Mother Who Knows

This is a sampler that I made for our service auction a few weeks ago. I was flattered that there was a small bidding war over it and my decorating-ly gifted friend liked it enough to win it without knowing it was mine.
When I first heard Sister Beck's Conference address Mothers Who Know I just loved it. It was one of those talks that say "You are on the right track. Here are some other things to think about. I know you can do it because you are a woman of God and the mother of these special charges."
My neighbor called and asked if I had heard it and we talked about how much we loved it. To us (the homeschool converted) it was another in a long line of talks that confirmed our decision to homeschool. It went right along with our homeschool philosophy particularly Sister Beck's "Mothers who know do less." And TJED's "The Six Month No."

Several months later I was in Relief Society where this talk was the lesson matter when my friend whispered" I liked this talk a lot, but I know people who have a big problem with it."
I was stunned and a little disbelieving. I chalked it up to my friend having weird acquaintances and the truth hurting when you don't like to hear it. Then the lesson began and the teacher mentioned that a lot of people have had a hard time with this talk. I was amazed.
I still don't have an answer other than people don't like to be told when they aren't doing what is right. But I am still baffled and do not judge.

The bullet points of Sister Beck's Talk.
  • Mothers Who Know Bear Children.
  • Mothers Who Know Honor Sacred Ordinances and Covenants
  • Mothers Who Know Are Nurturers
  • Mothers Who Know Are Leaders
  • Mothers Who Know Are Teachers
  • Mothers Who Know Do Less
  • Mothers Who Know Stand Strong and Immovable

"Latter-day Saint women should be the very best in the world at upholding, nurturing, and protecting families. I have every confidence that our women will do this and will come to be known as mothers who 'knew.'"

I just want to say, "I am a mother who knows."

P.S. Might I suggest that you write "I am a Mother Who Knows." on a paper, or paint it on a board or stitch in on a scrap of fabric and hang it in your home? Perhaps in a particularly trying spot to reming you why you do this and who you are doing it for. Mine, of course will be above the sink full of dishes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kitchy Quotations?

Seven years ago I saved these prints from the Stake Library, they were throwing them away! I always wanted to do something fabulous with them. I sold some of them but saved my favorites.
This is what I have done with them:

(left to right: Raking Leaves with Father, Brothers Gazing on Landscape, Family Picnic, Sister Feeding Baby, Rain Gear and Daffodils, Dusting with Mother.) (Fantastic duck on lower left: Danvers)
I covered every wall in the "Schoolroom" with them. I would have liked grander frames, but I was on a budget.
(Feeding a Calf, Feeding Puppies)
The last one is on a wall all by itself and has a slightly different tone. It is also about an inch too short for the frame.
I think that it needs a caption. Something kitchy, something ironic, something idyllic, something that captures the spirit of the whole collection but also that picture. I would like it to be a little tongue and cheek. For example: the dangers of educating a lady, or how everyday should be just like these scenes. Kind of like how we call the Schoolroom the "Schoolroom" but really very little schooling happens there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Close Call

This is Violet, my handy sewing machine whom I love. Do not discriminate because of her age. She is a perfect shade of pale green, has more than 100 attachments, had a glowing recommendation from a friend with the same model and I got her for $50 on Craigslist last year.

Well today I couldn't get her to pick up the bobbin stitches. I called around and it looked like $100 for a repair. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for me the woman at the shop said it didn't sound like timing but a mis-adjusted knob somewhere. Well, I can handle knobs. So I did a little searching on the internet ( love you internet) and adjusted that tiny screw on the bobbin case and problem solved!

A few thoughts - I told both shops my problem and both shops said to bring in the machine.
- this is a very simple problem
- I have been thinking about learning how to repair machines for myself and a skill should it become necessary.
There are a few sewing machine repair books out there. Perhaps I should invest in one.

Petite Dolls

In our family the doll of choice is the Madame Alexander. They are cute and a family tradition. However, there is a problem. You aren't allowed to play with them. What good is a doll if you can't play with it, I ask? Well, I disobeyed and played with mine and you can tell. Most of them are pretty messy. My Scarlett is a disgrace. I have them scattered about Nutmeg's room but they are not to be played with.
Another problem is that although Nutmeg looks like a doll - the perfect complexion and tiny defined lips- she looks nothing like a Madame Alexander doll. Her cheeks aren't big enough and she doesn't have enough hair.
Than I found Petite Blythes...
They are tiny just 4 " high and they can actually fit in a dollhouse. First we bought Itsy Bitsy and named her Betsy but her hair is really yellow in real life and her eyes are very dark blue. Also Nutmeg shattered her pelvis in the first week.
Then we bought Hollywood Hills because her coloring was more of a match for Nutmeg and her hair is parted like Nutmeg's cowlick. We named her Greta.
I want to play too, Shy Bear is the doll I have picked out for myself, bangs, brown eyes. Don't you just love them?
Moose and I are planning to build a dollhouse for the Blythes to give to Nutmeg on her 3rd birthday.
P.S. Don't fret about Betsy, Grandpa White House fixed her. She just needs to be treated gingerly.
P.P.S. Petite Blythes can wear Polly Pocket shoes so if you have any lying about we would be thrilled to receive new footwear for our Blythes.

Sugar and 3 Heaping Tablespoons of Spice

JMO mentioned that I blog a great deal about Boba Fett but not my other kids. True to form JMO is worried that their feelings will be hurt. "Fear Not" I told her I have plans.

So, today I will post about Nutmeg.
This is Nutmeg just after being born. Notice the slight scowl, she is analyzing me and trying to figure out how to get away with things.

Her plan was to be as cute as a china doll, literally, and then spring her defiant, independent, bossy disposition on us when we least suspected it. It worked.

Nutmeg is a tiny little bundle of energy and sass. She is fearless. It is actually quite humorous considering her deceptive appearance.She even twirls with determination. Submit to the will of the dancer!
Posing for pictures is a waste of her time. When she sleeps she sprawls everywhere. Other occupants of the bed are of little consequence.This is Nutmeg preparing to jump. That is her jumping face. The face that says live or die I am going to jump and give you a heart attack! I am not kidding she wears this face each time she prepares to jump, particularly when jumping off of things taller than herself. I find it a bit maniacal.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is that an Angel? No, she is my sister.

This is my Sister JMO, and today is her birthday. What? You thought it was my birthday just yesterday, well it was. JMO crashed my slumber birthday party. I was totally psyched though because a sister is a great present. Mostly I wonder why my parents let me have a slumber party when my mom was 9 months pregnant?

As you can see she is gorgeous. Her hair is so thick (thicker than mine) very straight when she wants it to be and does not tangle. It behaves well. It is very fun to play with her hair. She also is a makeup guru. She spends a lot of time making art with her makeup. We are all jealous of her makeupability.
JMO likes to draw. JMO has many passions some of which include sushi, collecting home furnishings, makeup and hair (see above), sleeping, taking self portraits (hey if you were that cute you would too) travelling to Australia, and playing with the hood of her coat.
JMO is very thoughtful, she doesn't like people to hurt other people's feelings. She falls in love easily. She gets upset really easy too. We hide from her when she is upset. She is kinda like a terrorist in that way. She is very loyal and a very good friend.
JMO sometimes wears glasses, she is an immaculate dresser.
JMO was the cutest little girl she had golden locks and was very shy. She would tilt her head to the side when people talked to her. We used to call her Jessie, but it is a good thing we stopped because Mr. Moss married the Lovely Mrs. Moss whose logical nick name is Jess.
She likes aprons, a LOT! She is going to start collecting vintage aprons just like her sister.
JMO has a passion for food. She loves to cook and loves to cook for people just like our Grandma.I asked JMO what her favorite color was and she said "Orange cuz no one likes orange so I felt like it needed a fan so I sacrificed and made it mine." Isn't that nice? She is just like that. It is unnecessary though because Moose likes orange. Speaking of Moose, he really likes JMO and always defends her.
JMO really likes sushi. I think I introduced her to it. She sometimes works at sushi restaurants for free sushi.
JMO has a split personality. Her other personality comes out when she is sleeping. If you talk to JMO you might actually be talking to "Sleepy JMO" Sleepy JMO will hold complete sensible conversations with you and make promises and appointments. Later JMO will not recall these conversations so you have to have them with her again when she is awake. It would seem simple to tell but "Sleepy JMO" is tricksy and you never know when you are talking to her.
JMO is a fellow Ron Paul fan and favors fiscal economy. She likes chocolate better than vanilla.
JMO isn't sure if she likes the proposed idea that we have a handmade Christmas this year.
There she is, isn't she lovely? Maybe my parents should have named her after Miss America?