Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's Make A Deal

I went shopping for my sister's bridal shower today, with...my dad. It was a hoot. We went to the grocery store and shopped for items to play The Price is Right but first we went to Bath and Body Works to buy prizes.

It was a so funny we were just there sniffing bottles of lotions, creams and sprays. He made most of the decisions and some deals. The gal working at the store was very nice to him and gave free stuff. That man doesn't even have to ask for deals and he gets them. All he did was say that he liked the mango lotion and then made a surprised face at the $10 price tag and she just gave it to him.

I still have much to learn in the ways of the bargain hunter.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Reasons to Love Sisters

Having someone to rustle buffalo with.
Having an honest conversation about who got the fussy end of the genetic lollipop.
Having someone to shop for jewelry with.
There is always someone to tease Dad with, and tease with Dad.
One of you will have the guts to buy a set of Bumpits, thereby transforming your lives forever.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Won't You Meet Me in Montana

I am headed to Montana for my little sister's wedding. The kids are ecstatic and I am aching to see the big sky. I realized that I haven't been in Montana in the autumn since our wedding 10 years ago. Moose and I planned an outdoor Montana wedding in October and were rained out. Here's hoping my sister has better luck. If all goes well she will be wed overlooking these mountains. Yeah, that's pretty much the view from my parent's house.

Moose has to stay behind and work but will be flying in just before the wedding. This one's for you, Babe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

International Babywearing Week.

Here's to many of the best moments of my life. A repost.

I have been feeling some sadness lately that the things that defined me as a young mother have gone. I am still the same mother but the seasons has passed. I find it strange that people who are meeting me for the first time don't know that I am a babywearing, EC'ing, homebirthing, lactivist, attachment parenting, crunchy mama.

Nutmeg is almost 3 and it is no longer remarkable that she doesn't wear diapers. I never have occasion to strap her on my back - she would rather be running. I no longer make enough milk to feed the world and grow the chubbiest baby that you have ever seen. My "Got Breastmilk?" bumper sticker is somewhere in the pile of stuff that I never look at. I don't speak up during labor discussions because it hardly seems relevant NOW that I gave birth to my babies upstairs on my own bed in this very house. That Nutmeg's birth was the single most glorious achievement of my life.

So when Mommy Bee reminded me that it is International Babywearing Week I felt compelled to make a statement saying this is one of the defining activities of my life. Babywearing made me the mother I am. Babywearing created income, identity and some of the most precious moments of my life. Through babywearing I have taught others how to connect with their precious children. Baby wearing inspired me to make art.

Through babywearing I have lost weight, made friends and been the object of curiosity. I was so used to people staring at me for having a baby strapped to my back that I hadn't noticed that they don't stare anymore, I am just another mother with 3 adorable moderately behaved children. Unremarkable.

When I received my first sling I put it on with a sack of potatoes to practice before the baby came, I have never, ever looked back.
I went everywhere with my baby on my back from hiking up a slippery muddy slope in search of a view to jumping on a trampoline.

This is a compilation of art I have created about babywearing, others have made for my babywearing business, and photos of me, my children and my baby carriers (all homemade.) The slide show is crude- I have no idea how to do this properly.

Thanks to the lady at the Breastfeeding Class for introducing me to slings, to Tracy for insisting that I try a wrap and to my babies for riding around for 7 years.

Monday, September 21, 2009

JMo in the Forest

This summer when we were all up at the Cabin we had a little photo shoot. It is JMO's birthday today so I am posting some of the fun pics we took at the cabin. If you are new to the blog since last Spetember 21st go here and see what I had to say about her last year.

Happy Birthday JMO!Here is JM0 harvesting Rhubarb.
JMO with her sweetheart.
JMO and her best sister.
JMO hauling wood.JMO shooting guns.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pssssss...It's My Birthday

Still shockingly close to Thirty. No, I did not get lingerie for my birthday, those were the only gift bags Moose could find. I did get my favorite film "Notorious" on DVD and a bias tape maker. Keep your eyes open for detailed trims!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Night Cinema

Neitzsche and the Nazis
Date: 2006

This is possibly the most annoying documentary ever filmed. Actually, it is hardly a documentary, it is really a lecture on film with abrupt cuts, strange back grounds and expressive eyebrows.
Why am I recommending this for this weeks Saturday Night Cinema? Because the content is outstanding. The first hour or so is a detailed explanation of the principles of the Nazi party and their rise to power; completely fascinating and to be honest, chilling. I am not going to tell you what the parallels are, I am sure you can connect the dots your self.
The second part is an overview of Philospher Freidrich Neitzsche's whacked out view of humanity. Based on the very little I know of Neitzsche I think he was a nut. But that is beside the point.
The third part of the film is Professor Stephen Hicks ideas on how the Nazi's were influenced by Neitzsche.
I recommend this film for the first part and its application to current events, and the second if you want to broaden your knowledge of German philosophers.
Please be brave in watching think of it as a taped lecture and turn off the picture if you can't stand to watch the floating head or bouncing eybrows. If you do have the courage to keep the picture on try not to be driven mad by attempting to read the titles on the bookshelves, I couldn't make out a single one.

Find it on netflix and Netflix Instant!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Samurai Mom Builds her Dream House.

Last night I was joking with the contractor about paint colors and I explained this scene to him

Perhaps I only gave him ideas because today we have learned that our wall has lost it's "sheer" and have discovered rotted sub flooring. I don't know what "sheer" is or even if I have spelled it correctly. It has something to do with earthquakes?

Maybe replacing the siding isn't as exciting as I thought.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ask the Readers

Big changes are afoot here at the home of Moose and Samurai Mom. We are painting every wall, getting new counter tops, refacing the kitchen cabinets, a new sink and faucet as well as replacing the siding. No, we have not come into a lot of money, and, yes, we will be accepting dinner invitations to help shrink our food budget.

I contend that after 10 faithful years and a shiny new kitchen we deserve a new tea kettle. This picture shows somewhat the grease, grime and burn marks of our current kettle as well as it's outdated color and style. Moose disagrees.
You decide. Please leave your vote "Yea" or "Nay" in the comments.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missed Connections

Dear Guy who may or may not have been an Albertson's employee.

Yesterday, as I was looking for a cheap box of Devil's Food cake mix and you were busy inspecting and marking frosting containers with a marker, I know that you were not trying to be rude as you stood directly in front of all the mixes thus blocking my view of the merchandise and then as you did nothing as you watched me struggle to lift two boxes to get the the cake mix that I wanted, and then as I put the boxes back, and then replace the sign. Your mother probably forgot to teach you to help people, particularly ladies, when you see that they are struggling with heavy boxes. Maybe you didn't have a mother....or a father. I don't know so I won't judge, even though if you indeed are an Albertson's employee I was doing your job for you. Thank you for reminding me to teach my sons how to behave around women.

But next time I will probably talk to your boss.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Balancing Remembrance and Joy

It has been a bittersweet day around here. It seems as though people are more determined to remember the events of September 11, 2001 this year, for which I am grateful. It hurts me deeply to think that people might forget.

Today, I told the children through tears what happened that day and we watched a few videos on Youtube. Boba Fett, always the thoughtful one, came to me about 30 minutes later and said "Mom, you know what I would do if I were one of those people and had time? I would be praying." What a sweet simple faith. I told him that is the exact thing to do, that Heavenly Father if he couldn't protect him would give him courage and peace and his family that same peace.

Last year I blogged about Boba Fett's Birth 6 years ago and 2 years after 9/11. Today I hesitated to ruin his special day with thoughts of sadness and evil. I told him that he was to have a fun day today and not to think about it anymore - he could think about it tomorrow. You only turn 6 once.

I am also sad as my boy turns six because five is one of my favorite ages. I adore five, it is a sweet reward after enduring three and four. Six is a fine age but I miss the sweetness and innocence of five. Five seems to be the last year that a boy feels like a 'little" boy.

I am excited for him to continue to grow and progress because I have always known that he has a special and great mission on this earth. I don't know what it is but I know that it is important. It struck me today that perhaps his birthdate will be symbolic for that mission.
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

To tide you over

We are waiting for better footage, but in the meantime

Monday, September 07, 2009

How to Make the Politicians Squirm

This is the speech I am giving at the Tax Referral Tea Party today. The best part is that here I can publish the uncut version because there are no time restraints.

Make the Politicians Squirm!

by Samurai Mom (don't plagiarize!)

Are you tired of your representatives not representing you?

How many of us have taken the time to write to a legislator only to get a reply where it was obvious that they didn't even read the letter?

How many of us have been to a town hall and braved threats and bullies only to be frustrated by watching the politician wriggling and avoiding answering the questions asked?

When you have taken time off work and away from your family to speak to an elected official it is downright infuriating when that elected official is lying to your face and doesn't have the respect to answer your question.

It is hard to keep your cool and it is no wonder people across the country are shouting!

The politicians are plunging us into debt, increasing spending, committing the people to bills that they aren't even reading and then they have the nerve to ask for more of your money!

Then they have the audacity to lie to and ignore you!

So I ask again, Are you tired of your representatives not representing you?

Would you like to get through to your elected officials?

Do you want to be heard?

I had an opportunity to ask a question of Congressman Wu this summer and I have since been told time and again “everyone should ask questions like that.” Today I am going to teach you how to ask effective questions and get the politician's attention. I am going to teach you how to make the politicians squirm!

First, there are some things to keep in mind, some things to help you be effective:

-Yes or no questions will compel an answer or make them look jerk if they avoid the question.
-Be armed with facts so you will sound like you know what you are talking about and they will not be able to lie to you by sounding more informed.
-Be persistent. Back up other people asking questions. If you notice that a question is not being answered ask it again, and the next person ask and keep asking until it is answered. Imagine if there was a cascade of people asking the same question until it was answered.
-There is right and wrong DON'T be afraid to stand for right.

-If they have done something right point that out, and then ask your tough question. It will put them off guard.

And the hard one:

-Keep you temper in check, channel the anger into resolve rather than wasting it by shouting. If you lose your temper folks will remember a mean shouting person and will not remember your words.

Lets Review:

Yes or no questions


Keep your temper

Be persistent

Now the steps to asking an effective question:

First, notice what they are doing.

Tell them you see that they will not answer a question that has been repeatedly asked, that they continually vote to raise taxes, that they have made statements that accuse concerned citizens of being terrorists.

Second, hold them accountable.

Ask them for an explanation or a defense. Why did you vote for this bill.? Why will you not commit to reading bills? I would like an answer.

Third, inform them of the expectations.

We expect you to do vote in the interests of Oregonians, not your party. Things like, I expect you to read bills before voting on them!

Fourth, Explain the consequences.

This bill will force me to close my business and X people will lose their job. If you do or do not do this you WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED.

Repeat after me:

Notice behavior

Hold accountable

Inform them of expectations

Explain the consequences


I think you are ready.

Great now go out and call, visit and write to your senators, representatives, governors, mayors, councilmen and and let's put the people back in charge of our country!

To repeat the question that got me here in the first place

“Will you commit to reading bills before voting on them?”

Congressman Wu, I am still waiting for an answer!

Tax Referral Tea Party


Pioneer Courthouse Square
Downtown Portland
5-7:30 pm

Victoria Taft
Jeff Kropf
Kristina Ribali
David Hedrick


Friday, September 04, 2009

September Deliberations

The problem with September is deciding what to wear.
The weather is still fine and it is perfectly acceptable to wear light summer clothes but the smell in the air and the angle of the sun suggests fall, long trousers and cozy knits. Boots and stylish scarves.
Each day I stand in my closet debating whether to wear my garden dress for possibly last time this year or wasting the sunshine and wearing my jeans...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Let's Hear it for I-Shuan!

Three cheers for my friend I-Shuan because I called her up today with no notice and asked: First if she had plans? Second, did she agree with my political views for the most part? And Third, would she help me spiff up my blog for the potential surge in traffic next week? She said yes and then sacrificed 4 hours for me.

Bless her.

Thanks to her I know have the spiffy new banner you see above and some shiny new buttons (one I tweaked a bit myself so don't blame her for that.)

I have streamlined some things and organized some others. Explore a bit and make sure you test out the buttons.

The "How to make the Politicians Squrim!" button will remain inactive until Monday when I will release my Tea Party Speech.

Please don't feel sad if your blog is not on my list anymore. I still read your blog and have it all organized in my google reader and following list.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Ranch Hand

I love a good reconstruction project and this one is my favorite right now, I want to wear it every single day. It started out as an extra large, never worn shirt from Goodwill. I came home, cut it up, sewed it back together again and added lots and lots and lots of lace. If there was a detail it got lace. The sleeves were tricky but I love the improvisational result. True to form there was little if any measuring involved just a lot of trial an error. Props to the factory who saw fit to add mauve colored mother of pearl snaps!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Say Do You Remember?

Even though I wish it was still August for another 4 weeks we are dancing around here! September means apple season,Not back to School Day, 10 days until Boba Fett's Birthday, Autumnal Equinox AND the Knitting Season which officially begins today.

There might be a few leaves turning color as well!
Get out your knitting needles, September!!!