Sunday, November 13, 2011


Like many I have been thinking of things to be thankful for every day this month.  I have been posting them on Facebook and thought I would record them here as well.
  Nov 1:I am thankful for the Glorious weather we have had the last few weeks. Kind of like an apology for the non-summer.
Nov 2: I am thankful for Downward Dog, it really is a rest pose.
Nov 3: I am thankful to for everyone who made last night an enriching one, for my awesome committee, Robin and that my feet aren't sore this morning. Thanks to our touching speaker and beautiful singer and accompanist. I am thankful for all who attended and brought food and decorated. I am thankful for Gratitude.
Nov 4: I am grateful for Kelly's Sock Class!
Nov 5: I am grateful for Netflix

Nov 6: I am grateful for my daughter.

Nov 7: I am grateful to know WHY I have felt so miserable for the last 5 weeks and grateful to Donnalee for helping me figure it out. (allergies)
Nov 8: I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, I am overwhelmed with love.
Nov 9: I am grateful for Yoga (I really like Yoga I was grateful for it twice!)

Nov 10: I am thankful for my sisters.

Nov 11: I am grateful for wool coats
Nov 12: I am grateful for the washing machine and electric dryer. Greatest inventions ever.
Nov 13: I am grateful to know Sarah who happens to be the reason I got out of my warm slumber this morning. She is a delightful soul and we are going to miss her deeply.

Monday, November 07, 2011


Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Just a little bit more pleased that we named our house "Starlings." lovely.