Friday, October 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Light Fright, Moving Pictures and Tango

Tonight Moose and I indebted ourselves to our neighbor and sneaked out post trick or treating and caught a showing of Nosferatu at the Mission Theatre in Portland with the soundtrack played by Mood Area 52 (warning the clip is 9 minutes long.) It was very hip and very Portland. We felt so cool.
How did we come to know of this event? Well I learned of Nosferatu on this blog I read. I was curious and read up a bit on it then forgot about it. But a few day later I was watching Oregon Art Beat and they did a piece on Mood Area 52 and mentioned that they were playing Nosferatu on Halloween in Portland. So I thought we should learn more about this. I found a YouTube video of Nosferatu here. It looked like a bit of harmless spooky fun unlike scary evil vampire movies which I avoid. I thought we could watch it on the laptop on Halloween.
Then yesterday in the aftermath of pumpkin carving Moose and I decided to abandon our children after the great candy gathering and have some adult time. Finding a sitter on Halloween is a bit tricky, which is where our never ending gratitude to our neighbor comes in.
So anyway, like I said, Mood Area 52 was playing the soundtrack because Nosferatu is a silent film. Moving pictures- old school. They were great. Two words: Cello, Accordion.

The Mission Theatre is McMenamin's pub theatre so there were tables at the seats for eating your pub fare. It was fun venue. We like the Bagdhad better because it is kid friendly.

Nosferatu was a little long but very fun and a little spooky. I noticed some very admirable film techniques for 1922. I particularly like the mirror shot and when Hutter cuts his thumb.
I can't decide which was the spookiest shot, the shadow on the stairs, Count Orlok at the door or the vampire rising up in the hold of the ship.
I did not wear my Sarah Palin costume for fear of bodily harm. I needn't of worried however I don't think anyone would have accosted me at the theatre but there may have been belittling while standing in line.


These are pictures from the Trunk or Treat the other night. I think tonight will be too crazy to post pictures.
Indiana Jones - there is a whip under that jacket,
And a repeat of Little Red Riding Hood.
Danvers as Mother Goose.
My disguise should Moose and I manage to find a baby sitter tonight and go downtown to a showing of Nosferatu. I figure it would be suicide to go into downtown Portland dressed as Sarah Palin. I will put this over my makeup and loose the suit- too bad I don't have a Patagonia fleece pullover.
Thanks to Pretty Little Things for the inspiration!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Temporal Prime Directive be Hanged!

I generally stick to the "I wouldn't want to change anything" comment when asked what I would change if I had a time machine. But I have finally, finally changed my mind. If I had a time machine I would go back to my self 6 or 7 years ago a la Janeway in the last episode of Voyager and tell my self to institute a policy in our household that only adults get to carve pumpkins and children must wait for the day when they are deemed old enough to carve a pumpkin at around 10 or 12.
- Don't worry, they were those pumpkin carving knives that are not even as sharp as a butter knife.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its Good To Be Famous

I have thought for a long time about what I wanted to say in this post. I don't think there are words for it.
Let's just say I had a BLAST at the ward trunk or treat party last night. I shook almost EVERY adult's hand and said in my best Palin accent "Hi there, it's nice to meet you I'm glad you come out tonight." And then we would chat and I would throw in a lot of "You know"s, "maverick"s and and McCain allegories.
Here is Sarah Palin with a Pregnant Chad. (The Pregnant Chad was very fond of the open toed heels I was wearing.)
I was in the safest place in Portland to be a Sarah Palin impersonator, a lot of people told me they voted for me - or Sarah Palin - or John McCain. Anywhere else in town I might have been egged or beaten.
SO, I am hoping even more for a classic McCain come from behind victory so I can continue my career as a Sarah Palin impersonator. 9 years of theatre weren't in vain after all. I am serious people. Hook me up with an agent. Move over Tina Fey.
P.S. Somewhere out there there is a picture of me a convict and an Acorn member, I'll be needing that picture.

Scary Fairy Tales

My kids seem to enjoy Hansel and Gretel. It is a great tale about sibling love, and why not to eat houses made of candy, a cautionary tale about the wisdom of using bread crumbs as trail markers. My children seem concerned about how long it takes the witch to arrive in the story. The names Hansel and Gretel are adorable. But this story really disturbs me, I think it is the scariest fairy tale of the lot.
In many fairy tales the children are parent-less - father and or mother are dead and the person left in charge of them isn't really related them and then leaves them unprotected in some manner. But not in Hansel and Gretel. They have two parents. (In some versions it is a step-mother but honestly I think those revisionists feel the same way about this story and want to soften the blow a little bit.)
So here is the scary part:
The MOTHER tells the FATHER that the children are dragging them down and they will all starve and convinces the FATHER to ABANDON them in the woods TWICE.
How does this not give every child a complex to think that parents will abandon them in the woods to likely be eaten by beasts, die from exposure or starvation if the going gets tough?
What kind of mother would let her children die to save herself?
What kind of father allows himself to be persuaded to abandon his children to certain death?

Scary stuff, scary stuff.

Steely Sawtooth

I finally finished a big project. I introduce The Steely Sawtooth Skirt. Knit on 9's with Cascade 220, no mods. It is very comfy. I wanted a nice knit skirt that was a little less dressy than my Hip in Kashmir, I want to be able to wear this around the house.
I meant for it to be a wee bit shorter but it stretched during blocking but in hindsight this length is better. I also wish it had a bit more form and less drape. Next time I knit a skirt I will try Bell Curve.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Samurai Mom's Things You Should Know About in these "Tough Economic Times"

There are many ways that I save oodles of money that I assume everyone knows about but in reality they don't. Here are a few. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.
1. Freecycle - It is recycling and getting and giving free stuff all rolled into one. You offer things that you have and no longer want to people who need or want them. You ask for things that people might be willing to give you. I have received everything from a partially used bag of sphagnum moss to a lovely working Piano. I have given clothes, food and furniture. The one rule FREE. You don't charge anything and don't expect to pay anything other than good Karma. Keep it out of the landfill, give it another life.
2. PaperBackSwap (and Swap-a-CD and Swap-a-DVD the sister sites) Swap books (and CD's and DVD's) for free. You only pay shipping when you send a book (media mail so it is cheap.) If you join tell me so I can give you my e-mail address and you can use me as a referral.
3. Craigslist - Why pay retail when you can buy from a someone in your town and save a bundle of money? Classifieds on the Internet. It reminds me of Tradio.
4. Direct Buy - Ok the initial buy in to this is way expensive but it really pays off when you are building or furnishing a house. Our Carpet installed cost about $1200. Total. And it is nice. Saved $1700 on our couch. Laminate flooring $700.
5. Elimination Communication - Save money on diapers cloth or disposable and enjoy a happy communication with your baby.
6. Cloth diapers - they are not that much work and seriously $1,600 -$2,300 dollars per child for disposables compared to $300 for cloth and you can reuse them for SEVERAL babies and sell them when you are done. Suddenly learning about cloth diapers doesn't sound so gross does it?
7. Cleaning supplies - learn about the miracles of Baking Soda, vinegar and elbow grease.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

To My Sisters

I love you.

P.S. Sorry, I don't have a picture of all 5 of us. If you have one I will put if up immediately. (Mr. Moss how are those wedding pictures coming?)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

13 Things I Love About Trader Joe's

1. Pumpkin Butter - It is like pumpkin pie in a jar. You can put it on toast, or croissants, or on top of little pie crusts. We put it in the middle of pancake batter and cooked it in the sandwich maker. The jar has a recipe for soup but sweet soups aren't my thing. Sweet desserts, yes.
2. Cat Cookies - One of those thing you start snacking on and before you know it the whole tub is gone.
3. No preservatives or artificial junk. Not everything is organic but they have a fair organic selection and the stuff that isn't organic is pretty good for you too.
4. Marinated Chipotle Chicken Skewers - At our house known as "Chicken-on-a-Stick" these make a meal of their own, filler for chicken tacos, quesedillas and topping for chicken pizza.
6. Organic Pops- these are organic suckers. They have no food coloring in them! And they are good. I do not even like hard candy but I have taken a shine to the pomegranate pops and save them all for myself.
7. Organic Creamy Tomato Soup - Yum. I was not a fan of creamy tomato soup until I tried this.
8. Salsas - all sorts- we love Trader Joe's salsa from the Salsa Verde and the Salsa Autentica to the Double Roasted Chipotle and the Habanero Lime.
9. Samples, friendly employees, free treats for the kids and if you don't like something you just bring it back and they will give you your money back!
10. Price - pretty much if you can find it at Trader Joe's it is cheaper than anywhere else. (though Whole Foods 365 brand is pretty cheap)
11. Pistachio Toffee - When I tell people this they say "I don't like Pistachios." It doesn't matter - this stuff is so good.
12. Dried pineapple - no sugar just dried pineapple - all of the dried fruits are great.
13. Candy Cane Joe-Joes - pepperminty Oreo's with better for you ingredients. Delicious!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Moose's birthday cake with a real playlist form his iPod. He really likes the quilt I made him. I am so glad because that thing has been my nemesis for a week.

Concievable Instances in which I Would Consider Voting for Obama

Here are some of the conceivable instances that might induce me to fill in that little circle for Obama. Lets just say I am not easily parted from my constitutional right and civic duty.

1.IF the prophet officially told the church to vote for Obama (just FYI that is highly unlikely)- or a strong prompting from the spirit. By strong I mean Alma the younger type revelation with the angels and the coma and such. Little whisperings aren't going to cut it.
2. IF someone were holding my children hostage and would kill them if I did not vote for Obama. But I am limiting it to my kids ( maybe niece and nephews), the rest of my loved ones will have to fend for themselves because the constitution and I are tight like that.
3. IF the CIA were using me as an agent and could convince me without a doubt that my small vote would in fact save the world and ensure peace and stability everywhere and that Obama's policies will all be thwarted by secret government agents thereby protecting the nation from his lunacy.

I thought of other things like a one bajillion dollar bribe or a vacation in Prague, (but seriously how could I live with myself knowing that I sold out my country) or he suddenly reverses his position on the economy, taxes, the purpose of government, national defence, global warming, energy, the war, health care, education, abortion and others. But even if he did that I wouldn't buy it because he always changes his story to be what people want to hear. "Well when I said 'spread the wealth' I didn't mean spread the wealth." "When I said 'lipstick on a pig' I didn't mean Sarah Palin." Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Uhuh, uhuh, uhuh. I wouldn't trust him to bring in my mail.

I heard someone yesterday say that "Barak Obama always says he wants to change America, not Washington. I like America, I don't want it changed. I want to change Washington."


The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

This is Moose, the love of my life. No really, I have loved him since I was 14. Isn't that sweet? (Well, it isn't as sweet as you think but that is another story.) And today is his birthday.

Moose got his nickname from his gaming buddies. They shortened his username and started to call him just Moose, and it stuck. Sometimes I talk to his gaming friends and they call me Mrs. Moose. One year for Father's day we made shirts for the whole family that looked like this:
Moose likes to spend time on the computer, he likes to play the guitar and his favorite thing to do is sleep. He really does a lot of sleeping. It makes me very mad. But after 9 years I tolerate it until noon and then all bets are off.An hour or so after Nutmeg was born Betty and I were in the other room when we heard Moose giggling. We came in and this is what we saw:
He had but my new baby in a basket. He also likes to toss babies high into the air.
Moose likes to twirl his beard. He likes this so much that he has a little bald patch where he twirls. Here is a picture of Nutmeg mimicking her dad and twirling her beard at the computer.
Moose used to have a goatee, see:
That was when we were really young and he was still going to Purdue for his Computer Science degree. After school he landed his dream job as Unix Systems administrator for a certain very large computer chip company and we are here 7 years later and we love it, still.

Some things Moose would really like to have are
A sailboat
A jeep, and a guitar like Weezer plays to play Weezer songs.
Moose is a very good dad. If it were not for him this place would be chaos.
He is patient and kind and doesn't forget what he says to the children 5 seconds later like I do.
Moose does not eat paint very often but I just had to put this picture up.
Moose is always thinking and planning ahead. His is very good at strategy, from where to park the car at an even or the best escape route, or exactly when to buy a gift so you make sure you get it in time but no one knows you have purchased it. He is sneaky. Very sneaky.
Each year we go out and cut a real Christmas tree, Moose won't allow a fake tree and I am mostly glad about that. There is nothing like a real Christmas Tree.
The first birthday gift I remember Moose giving to me was a poster that had birthdays of famous people one for each day of the year. The first birthday present I gave Moose was an old pickle jar, full of skittles with a red Hot Wheels car hidden inside. He was turning sixteen. He kept the pickle jar, it is upstairs in our closet right now.
Happy Birthday, Moose, we love you very much.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I don't remember when my fascination began. I must have been very young because I can not remember a time when I wasn't enchanted with India, or at least the idea of India. Elephants, tigers, jewels, silk saris, golden brown skin, heavily incensed air, these images fill my mind when I try to think of the first time I loved India . Perhaps it was when I first read A Little Princess, or maybe it was something else, something I saw when I was very young. When I was around 10 there were some books my grandmother wanted me to have "When I was a little older." I took the books and was free to read them when I wanted to, I read the king Arthur story within a year or so but the book about India I still have, unread.
I have read many books set in India, I love to eat Indian food, I have made several trips to the Sari store to dream about wearing saris. I gently pepper my Indian friend, Renu about the land of her birth, once, she dressed me in a sari, it was so fun. Lately I have been watching Indian movies, mostly dramas about India but a few Bollywood things.
I don't think I will ever travel to India. I would like to but Moose is very adverse to the idea and to be honest there is a long list of places I would like to go before India.
Last night I read a book that I couldn't put down, it was called Sister of My Heart. Finally at 4:15 am I cried defeat and went to sleep. All night I dreamt of henna, curry, bindis and rubies.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was going to make a list of the things I would like to see in a president but I got too tired thinking about it so I thought I would link to this:
The Proper Role of Government
I want my president to have read the Constitution and The Proper Role of Government. I want my president to realize that providing healthcare or sending my child to college is not the government's job. I want my president to let everyone keep more of what they have earned.
I want this of all lawmakers.
Wishful thinking, I know.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Acorns and Pumpkins

I whipped up these little acorns last night. I am pretty pleased with them. Wondering if I should sell them on Etsy.


Tonight was the 2nd Annual Spooky Story and Caramel Apple Night here at Samurai Mom's house. It started innocently last year when I gave in to weeks of pleas for caramel apples. Our friend happened to be over and we ate caramel apples told tales in a dark living room with only the glow of the fire and a flashlight.
The friend has been asking all year long when we are going to do it again. So last week I decreed it would happen tonight. This year we served bite sized apples by taking a melon baller to the apples and sticking them on tooth picks. It is the perfect apple to caramel ratio and you don't have wasted apples or sticky faces. We had trouble with the caramel sticking to the wax paper though.
This year we invited a few more friends and I think people were scared because everyone was holding on to someone else and there were a lot of scared squeals.
The boys told tales involving chopped off body parts, Nutmeg declared that everything was "Not scary, just a story about skeletons." I told the ever popular cautionary tale of the Owl Witch. I WANTED to tell this story. The Old Nurse's Story a gothic story by Elizabeth Gaskell. But it was too long and having only read it once I couldn't condense it easily. HERE is a link to the Librivox recording if you want to have it read to you, in the dark, with the sound of the wind howling outside.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

Today I lay on the couch attempting to rest listening to Looney Tunes which had been left playing on the TV. Boba Fett and Nutmeg were trying to coax their dad out of bed. I watched as they ran, then crawled, then crept and skipped in and out of the bedroom which is at the top of the stairs from the hallway on the other side of the stairs. First Boba Fett and then Nutmeg in the same manner. It was so funny, it was just like in cartoons when characters chase each other back and forth across the screen in and out of doors, and don't forget Looney Tunes was playing on the TV so I had the soundtrack. All I needed was to add the foot step sound effects "do-do-do-do-do." Moose later informed me that Boba Fett was trying to sneak up on him but it was pretty tough since Moose was lying in bed looking at the door.
Commander C the Rock Star

We tease around here. This evening as Boba Fett was deciding wether or not to partake of the salad he aked what salad was made of. Moose replied "Just lettuce..and monkey brains." Before Boba Fett could insert his enlarged eyes and open mouth expression Commander C piped in without missing a beat and in the perfect tone "Yeah, that's the purple stuff."(red oak leaf lettuce) It was flawless. Moose and I looked at one another and said "He has learned well."

I stayed home from church today since I was sick. I was feeling like I should use the quiet Sunday time to do something with Nutmeg who rarely gets my undivided attention. So I offered to play with the Blythe dolls with her. She eagerly agreed and we had a great time "playing dolls." Betsy gave Janie and Greta goodbye and hello kisses as she went to school. I can't wait until we get her doll house made.

Sabbath Leaves

Our Beautiful World: Autumn leaves. Do I even need to mention the yellows, golds, oranges, flames, scarlets, crimsons, nut browns? Colorful flakes falling in the breeze, eddies of leaves in the street, the crunch and/or swish under your feet, the crisp air, the smell of wood fires burning. Wearing a cozy sweater.
Blessings: This phrase has been rushing through me all week "I (My real name) having been highly favored of the Lord." I feel that very keenly lately. And my dear husband who brought me flowers for no reason this week and takes good care of me when I am sick.
Striving: To get on top of things.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eureka! (or more appropriately) Tiffin!

The date: October 12, 1997. The setting: the Bath Autumn Fayre. The cast: Myself (many years younger and dumpier) Katherine (just as lovely as always) and the ladies who hosted the Bath Autumn Fayre. The objects purchased: a hand knit (and in retrospect ugly) knit wool cap and a delightful confection that I immediately forgot the name of and have not been able to recall these 11 years.

I have found it and it is called Tiffin, here is a recipe. Digestive biscuits are a key ingredient. Digestive biscuits are a delight. Digestive biscuits are how I kept my baby fat and Freshman 15 (or so) while walking several miles a day. Digestive biscuits and Cadbury Dairy milk with caramel.

My favorite part of Bath apart from the Autumn Fayre is the bridge in the picture. There are shops all along the bridge and if you go downstairs in the shops you find yourself inside the bridge itself looking out the window.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Spain the Forgotten Member

A few months ago there was a plane crash in Spain. You may or may not have heard of this. Why? Well because Spain is the forgotten country in Europe. I am serious, think about Europe. What are the first 3 countries you think of? I bet they are France, Germany and Italy while you debate whether or not Britain is technically in Europe. If pressed you will think of Austria and Switzerland and then head north to Scandinavia.

Most of this is due the dreadful news reporting in this country. We rarely get news of any other country and if we do it is a country we are economically linked to. Not to mention the abysmal education in the public schools where geography isn't even a subject. But I digress, my point is Spain. No one thinks about poor Spain, they speak a language most of us think about regularly namely, "Spanish."

I myself no little about Spain other than Moorish Architecture, Don Quixote and bull fighting. I assume they are pretty into Soccer like the rest of Europe.

So for those so inclined here is a link to educate you about Spain.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mommy needs a mommy

I feel a cold coming on. It started with the chiropractor visit and this morning was a slight cough. Moose is getting it too. I have been trying to rest but have not been successful. I have also been trying to take care of myself, but again unsuccessful. It is times like these when I need my mom to take care of me.

Here is a little photo I wanted to share with you that doesn't really warrant an entire blog post
The dark, mean side of Nutmeg. That is her mid swing as she hits me because she doesn't want her photo taken. She does this a lot it is something we need to work on.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MIA - We will never forget

A few years ago I became so frustrated with the amount of "lost" items in our home that I made a Missing in Action/ Prisoner of War poster on which I would write the missing items so everyone would know to look for them.

It had an unusual result. Within a few days of putting something on the MIA list we would find it. A couple of weeks ago I put a MIA widget on my blog and magically I have found the bag of missing handkerchiefs as well as the laundry bag with a handkerchief that needs ironing inside, and 1 of my missing tape measures.

I will continue to update the MIA list.

I thank you for your remembrance.


I apologize for the silence, I really do. I have many timely things to talk about but I just feel so blue. Some day I will write them. I will write about trying to decide who is the best Star Fleet captain, 10 things I love about Trader Joe's, what I would like in a president, the injustices of footwear, why I hate shopping with my husband, and an open letter to the makers of DVD's.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weezer is King

Yesterday I was expected to and I fully planned to give an account of the Weezer concert and how Moose scored us awesome tickets. I planned to tell about how we were walking to dinner we saw the trucks
that carry all of the concert stuff, and then just around the corner we saw the actual buses that carry rock stars of which I did not take a picture because Moose made me bring our old camera and there is a reason we bought a new one.
I planned to post about how dinner at The Greek Cuisina was not what we remembered and though the calamari was still huge delicious pieces of octopus, the fried batter around it tasted like fried grease and the dolmathes that I remember being so yummy made me want to throw up, so....I guess remembering food that you once ate while pregnant as the most delicious meal you ever had is just setting you up for disappointment.
I planned to post about how we got to the concert after the first act but unfortunately in time to see the second act, Angels and Airwaves. They were competent musicians but the tone and tempo if the songs did not seem to be suited to Weezer fans and the singer was weird. I mean weird. He was dancing and mostly prancing about the stage in a floating weird leg hovering manner and his hands did weird things. We saw a lot of his back side - doesn't he know that you aren't really supposed to show your back to the audience? All the while he was describing themselves as a punk rock band which really did not jive with the interpretive dance and sappy songs, but it did jive with his salty language. He sounded like such an idiot. There were two teenage girls however who couldn't afford good tickets that really, really loved this band. They screamed and jumped the entire set. They were more fun to watch than the band.
I was going to post about how Weezer finally came out and they were rockin', and we had a great time. I was going to post about how "King" may have been the best song of the night. Rivers called it a "Fresh Jam." and jumped on a re-bounder. I was going to post about the 4 adorable men sitting behind me. These men must have been at or near 40 years old, they came together just as Weezer started. They were big tall men and they sang along and danced to every song. It just tickled me to look back and see them having such a great time. I fully intended to get a picture of them but these guys were intimidating and when the moment came I chickened out.
I was going to post about how Rivers wore holes in the knees of his track suit, and how if I were his mother that would make me so mad.
I imagine a conversation something like this:
Weezer Mom: "Rivers, you wore holes in you knees again!"
Rivers: "Sorry Mom, but wailing on the guitar like a rock star is hard on the knees."
Weezer Mom: " I don't care what all the other rock stars are doing don't you know these matching track suits cost money?"
Rivers: " Mom, I am a rock star I can buy more track suits."
Weezer Mom: "I don't care if you have more money than Saudi Arabia, this is wasteful."
Rivers: "Mom, the fans love it when I wear holes in the knees."
Weezer Mom: " I don't care what the fans think. Next time you shred just do it on your feet. Do you hear me? Now get back out there and sign various parts of people's anatomy. Here is a sharpie. I have to get to work hemming these track pants into shorts for you to wear."

I planned to post all of those things but instead I went to visit a friend in the Hospital and then on the way home I was almost rear ended. I didn't think it was a big deal but Commander C and Moose witnessed the incident (it was right in front our out house) and Moose was really upset - (the other car was going very fast and my wheels were turned into the oncoming traffic). He tried to chase the car and beat it up. Which really made me feel loved and protected.

After that I just felt quiet and a little shaken and just sat around all day long. I couldn't blog or even knit. So I just sat around.
I am grateful we said a family prayer yesterday morning pleading for protection.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nine years

Today Moose and I have known each other for 16 years and have been married for 9.
Nine things about us-

1. We have very strong feelings about pulp-free orange juice.
2. We like to watch Star Trek together.
3. We met in the computer lab in 9th grade Honors English, he fixed my printer, a symbol of years to come.
4. We once had a bet as to whether or not the guests at a Montana wedding would be wearing Wranglers. We were both wrong, no Wranglers but shorts and tank tops instead.
5. We stay up late talking way too much.
6. One of the most disappointing things about the high gas prices is that we love to go on long drives in the country, we don't do that very often now.
7. When we arrived at our first home as a married couple, I cried, and not tears of joy. Married student housing was that bad.
8. Sometimes after the kids are in bed Moose makes a late night run to Wendy's and we have dinner again.
9. Our song is Leaving on a Jet Plane by Chantal Kreviazuk (sorry the only clips have those silly Armageddon clips)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


We were watching the original "The Manchurian Candidate" the other night when I noticed in the background of one scene tiny little silhouettes. I have been contemplating silhouettes since I saw them on The Nie Nie Dialogues but I did not like them big. The tiny ones were just the ticket.
I was planning on hanging them on the wall at the top of the stairs, but I think I like them on the mantle. Don't you?

It's Official

For years each time I have eaten Hamburger Stroganoff or Potato Casserole I say, "Mmmm, this is so good. I can't decide if this is my favorite or (insert the other here.)"

Well the question has been answered. The last time I made Stroganoff I was a little disappointed. Last night, Potato Casserole and it was delicious.
And in honor of a decision I give you the recipe for Potato Casserole which is more commonly known as Shepherd's Pie, but for some reason I never call it Shepherd's Pie.

Brown 1lb Hamburger with some onions (fresh or dried) add some salt and put in the bottom of vintage casserole dish.
Open and strain a can of french cut green beans. Put beans in vintage casserole dish to form the second layer.
Open a can of tomato juice and pour it all over the the beans.
Make enough mashed potatoes (real or instant) (don't forget the salt) to make a third layer in the vintage casserole dish - the thickness of the layer depends on how much you like potatoes. As you spread the potatoes make sure they meet the edges of the dish.
Grate enough cheese to cover the potatoes, sprinkle it on top.
Add an optional sprinkle of paprika.
Bake in a 350 degree oven until hot throughout.
There is a rule: you are not allowed to skim the baked cheese off the top, if you want more cheese you must eat the corresponding potatoes, beans and meat. Trust me this rule is necessary.