Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keynes vs Hayek Round 2

My favorite YouTube video of all time

now has a sequel.  I just love these guys.

Monday, April 18, 2011

We are Home!

It is funny how when we return from a vacation our house feels more like home each time.  Yesterday we returned from a 5 day excursion to Utah that included at least 32 hours of driving, getting caught in a snow storm and my dress magically shrinking in the suitcase or my body mysteriously growing with the altitude.
Nutmeg took this great photo of the Logan temple
We were all so happy to be back at Starlings, Boba Fett said even the air smelled better, it was a fine sunny evening so we spent some time in the yard and enjoying the spring.
Me and Janie
We visited with many family members, celebrated, shopped, played, rode horses, shot guns, played with bunnies and chicks and worshipped.
This is not trash but the door from my grandpa's truck at my uncle's very nice home.
We drove by the relics of my past.  My maternal grandparent's home is now a parking lot as is the hospital where I was born, and my paternal grandparent's homes is a dilapidated shack with junked out vehicles and trash all over the yard.  It is so covered with trash that the neighboring fields were littered with the refuse.  It was heart breaking to see.  It used to be a small tidy little farmhouse. I don't know who the owners are now but they should be ashamed I am sure that my grandma would have died of shame before she let her house look like that.

Maddox Steak house where we like to eat

It was nice to visit my roots but I am glad that my tree is planted in Portland.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Things I Knit

Everyone had a new sweater this spring.

Moose in his Secret Agenda. He hasn't worn it anywhere yet.  I am offended.
Since I was tired of seeing the boys in the same sweaters every winter Sunday for the last 5 years they got new vests. Each chose his own color pattern.

I made this vintage Victory Jumper.
 And, because I could, a matching beret.

For Nutmeg I made this Raspberry Shortcakes.  My own pattern because I couldn't find one I liked. She is the cutest model.

Demi-Millinering for Spring

Just a reminder that over at the Miss Moss Demi-millinery it is spring and it is time to order your special pieces for Easter and Spring!

These are my naughty bunnies, hand knit, soft and cuddly just right for tucking into an Easter basket for all ages.  You choose the color any color (not limited to what you see here) and I will even include a tiny carrot or mini head of lettuce.

Also don't forget to order custom spring hair ornaments!