Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Self Control

It has become apparent that I have very little self control. We just discovered Netflix's new little feature where you say... " I want to watch such and such now." And you watch it on your computer right then and there.

We sat down to watch a movie the other night and saw that they had the entire second season of Heroes. So we watched 3 that night, 4 last night and have 3 more planned for tonight. My poor husband is really tired since he has to get up for work. I just kept saying "Just one more?" and he never said "No." So we just kept watching.

I think the major criteria in the casting of males for Heroes is "Are you over 50 or SMOKING HOT?" We aren't talking about your run of the mill handsome people that you generally see on TV. Every single one is pure eye candy. It isn't fair to have that much beauty on one show..."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Den of Iniquity

I was just on the phone with Kiera and I said "We'll, I'll let you go. I am about to descend in to the..." "Den of iniquity?" she supplied. "Yes." I replied with apprehension as I looked down the stairs.

I think I need to regain control. While is isn't exactly hedonism, it is a little bit Lord of the Flies around here. There has been a palpable feeling of "the children have taken over." in the air.

As I type Commander C is holding his weapon "gansta" style and I just cocked a 10 round Nerf dart gun for my tiny, snarled haired 2 year old girl. The yelps have reached a dangerous decibel level.

Time for the Primary Children's Songbook CD.

Dutch What?

There are a number of names for this delightful dish: german pancake, dutch baby, and dutch puff. Around here we call it dutch puff. No matter what you call it, it is tasty. The recipe is simple:
Dutch Puff
1 egg to 1/4 flour to 1/4 milk
multiply that ratio to the number of servings you would like.
Mix well in a bowl - I use a whisk
Put a few tablespoons of butter in a glass baking dish
put dish in the oven and heat oven to 400 degres
when the oven is heated and the butter is melted and bubbly pour batter in the center of pan
cook for 20-22 minutes
(let the kids watch it puff up in the oven)
Cut into squares and serve hot topped with syrup, powdered sugar and lemon juice, or fruit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Land

One of my favorite movies is Hero, it ranks right up there with The 39 Steps and Notorious. It is visually stunning. I love the color themes - they make this designer's heart happy. I am a sucker for anything Asian and I don't mind a little of the Kung Fu. It does have subtitles but usually I count that as a good thing, the DVD does have an English track but I find it annoying and prefer the subtitles. I find the Flying Snow and Broken Sword love story so compelling. I want to cry everytime I think about them. I saw this in the theatre and the fight between Flying Snow and Moon was gorgeous.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I always find it disappointing that one recipe of banana bread only yields one precious loaf.

Also FYI if you want to get someone's attention in my house just say they words "banana bread."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When it cost $50 to fill up his little Honda, Moose threw up his hands and said "Enough." He did a great deal of research on how to bike to work without looking like a hard core biker. I told him I would support biking to work but I would not support those silly little biking outfits. Then he went out and stimulated the economy by buying a bike on Cragislist and now he is biking to work. I have already stopped driving almost every where. I drive to church, cello lessons and grocery shopping. If you have a family big enough for a mini van you don't have many options, the bus is NOT an option with 3 kids. Now we can put less money into the economy by economizing on our gas consumption. It all seems so very...Portland.

It is actually a good thing. Moose has been contemplating how to incorporate exercise into his life of late and this will save us a gym membership. It is only 7 miles round trip, but 7 miles of biking is more exercise than 7 miles of sweating it out in you unconditioned car. A great victory was won by me as I convinced him that he HAD to eat breakfast or I will not let him ride to work, the body can't do all that work on no fuel. In the past 2 days he has eaten more breakfast than he has our entire married life.

His bike looks enormous, it's not that is is big, the wheels are bigger than the bikes I am used to. It seems a little bit odd as we are small people , yet it seems to fit him. I will henceforth refer to it as the "Aluminum Horse" and I will tell people that Moose rode his horse to work which is laden with irony considering our origins.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pet Peeves

Have have 2 pet peeves, oddly they both have to do with with words.
One is cutesy spelling or clever misspelling, call it what you will. "Kids Korner"drives me up the wall. Now I realize that I am being a bit hypocritical since my business is called "Cuddlebugg" but the cuddlebug domain name was already taken and that little girl was not giving it up. Also I think as far as spelling errors go, a double g is a minor sin. Some spell "Greg", "Gregg."

But far and away what really annoys me is when people say "samwich." What are these people thinking? "OK, here is a word, there is an 'n' and a 'd' which I am going to replace with an 'm'?" It is not as if "sandwich"is much harder to say than "samwich" you just need to be able to master the slightest bit of diction.

And what annoys me even further is when people who make the sandwich their business make the same mistake. Just listen the next time you hear a Subway commercial. Is proper pronunciation too much to ask of your paid professional voice actors????

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My mother's Day card

This is the actual contents of my mother's day card from Commander C. It was a printed out card with fill in the blanks. The bold red words are his answers. I'll take them!

This is my mother. Her name is (my name without the last letter). She is about 29 years old. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She weighs about 111 pounds. Her favorite food is hashbrown. She's smart, she knows all about cooking. She spends most of her time reading in bed. Best of all mother likes to me. My mother takes care of me by helping me. I think my mother is the best in the world because she nice. I could wish for anything in the world for my mother, it would be anything.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Many women dislike Mother's Day. They say it makes them feel guilty, that they aren't good enough. I love Mother's Day. It makes me feel happy, grateful and inspires me to be better and to enjoy those sweet little faces more.
So far, my day has included a tasty breakfast in bed with freshly cut lilacs (my other favorite flower) made by my husband. I have snuggled my sweet kids and fixed my little girl's hair. The only black mark on the day may be the weather. If the forecasts are correct our annual Mother's Day picnic may have to be cancelled.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hate - a deadly sin?

I couldn't find hate as a deadly sin (Mormons think all sins are pretty much bad) by my parochially educated husband informs me that hate is included in wrath.
I don't think that we should Hate, we should certainly not hate people. I think that there is too much hate in this world and we should all start loving more and hating less.
That said, I have a very short list of things that I hate. My husband and children have the list memorized.
The three things I hate are:
1. Being Late
2. Wasting
3. Styrofoam
I am sure these are all self explanatory, if you can't figure out why I hate Styrofoam , let me know and I will mail you a package, you let the kids play in it, and then you can count how many years it takes to get every peice out of your house.
There has however recently been a new addition. Actually I have hated it for at least 5 years now but only recently did I decide to add it to the list...
4. Intel's T-comp Handbook
If there is ever a problem or question about your benefits at Intel, there is not a single person at Intel to help you out. There is only the all knowing and completely inept T-Comp Handbook. May it burn forever. In fact that is a good Idea, I think I have one, a little purging bonfire may be in order.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Reading List

April Reading List

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - By Howard Pyle
As I lifelong admirer of Robin Hood I have never before read of Robin's demise. I mean I knew he died, because I have been to Sherwood Forest and he isn't there. I don't know how I feel about it yet, but I was pushing back tears as I read. Criticism: no Maid Marian at all. Her name was mentioned only once and in passing. I ask you, what is Robin Hood without Maid Marian?

I, Robot - By Isaac Asimov
Very thought provoking. Logical. Humorous.

Free to Choose - By Milton and Rose Friedman
This will be a cram before next weekend. I HAVE to read it because it was my idea. So far I know a little about pencils.

Up Next:

Dead Reckoning - By my friend Craig Cheney and his brothers Jeffery and Jared

Leadership Education, The Phases of Learning - By Oliver deMille

On Hold:

Teach the Children - by Neal Flinders