Friday, September 30, 2011

September Stuff

Have I really not posted since The Gnoming?  I am trying to figure out where the time went and I can't account for it.

On the 15th we went to our annual Homeschool Field Trip at Kah Nee Ta, a full day in the pool and 6 hours of driving always wipes us out but we did enjoy a stop at Timberline Lodge.

Boba Fett started Cub Scouts a couple weeks ago and lost a tooth.
The 20th was my 33rd Birthday and it was an absolutely perfect day.  The weather was glorious and I did just what I wanted all day long.  I knit, I watched North By Northwest, I went to Sushi Town with Boba Fett.  Dinner was the Surf Side at Benihana.
The most fun gift I received was a plot by Paula where everyone who stopped by brought me some yarn!  Two of my favorite gifts were a hug from Zac and a hug from Brock. And as it has turned out the most thoughtful gift was from Moose, he downloaded a bunch of Relief Society podcasts for me to listen to while I sew.

I sewed 2 dresses, one because it had to be done before the end of summer.  I am calling it "The Diner"

 The other was for the train excursion on the Mount Hood Railroad that was a really fun double date.
There was dancing in a very unstable car

 The fellows refused to take a serious photo

 and our conductor was named Roman.

Tomatoes are being harvested and the sunny days are at an end.  Soccer season is in full swing and I am getting ready to do the Boutique at the Barn again.

My sweet friend lost her husband to cancer this month and we have loved her, served her and held our husbands extra close with a prayer of gratitude for them on our lips.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Gnoming

The Gnoming happened this morning. 
As I had planned, Boba Fett was blissfully sleeping while the gnome watched over him, it was strategically placed so he would see it when he awoke.
He came down to me (asleep) to ask me why a "idiodic dememted dwarf" was in room.  I asked him what he was talking about.  As he headed back through the house he saw that there were gnomes everywhere. For example this guy was having a bowl of cereal on the table.
The pictures had been replaced with pictures of gnomes.
And all of his photos had been replaced with gnomes.
As well as other small gnomes in other places.
I told him I heard someone at the door and when he went to it he saw this terrible act of flamingocide.

Fleeing from this terrible scene he saw the Starlings' Chalkboard had been tampered with
In the back yard he was confronted with an army

 Whilst other kept watch from the foliage

There were also a dozen parachuting gnomes which were genius but were tangled in knots within 30 second of landing.

Which was too bad because they were really good parachutes.

There were also a bunch of gnome tattoos that doubled as stickers.

It was a sucessful gnoming and I think a cure for Gardengnomeaphobia.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not What We Had Planned

It started out so well.  Boba Fett's birthday was on a Sunday this year so we spread out some of the fun stuff to Saturday.  I was the Boba Fett wrangler while Moose took the other kids to their 3 scheduled soccer games.  

First, we went to a friend's bowling birthday party, then Boba Fett and I headed to The House of Reptiles so he could pick out his gift from my parents. He was really excited.

He chose a baby crested gecko and we headed home to get his habitat set up.
His name is Glacier.
As he has been planning for more than a year, he and I went to Sushi Town to get his free birthday sushi plate.
After dinner we went to catch the end of Commander C's second game of the day. It was a long walk from the parking lot to the field but it was a nice day and we were all healthy at the time. Moose and I were watching the game while the kids played by the stream and berry bushes. 
They were trying to get to a cattail when suddenly  they BOTH came running and screaming.  I thought some one had been killed, there certainly had to be blood and lots of it from the way they were screaming but it turns out Nutmeg disturbed a wasps' nest and Boba Fett went in gallantly to save her.  Boba Fett really freaked out, he ran franticly to the car where my first aid kit was wailing all the way.  Parents on several fields were alarmed to see a freaking out, running boy trailed by a sobbing, crying girl and 2 bewildered parents.

We got to the car pulled out stingers, counted bites, distributed apis and headed home where more remdies were applied. Once we were in the car Boba Fett seemed fine, certainly better off than Nutmeg.  He had only 2 bites to her 3 and he was acting fine like a regular boy.

By morning on his actual birthday his ankle was all swollen and he was acting very subdued for a birthday boy.  He stayed home from church and watched movie, I made him dutch puff, lego cakes and we opened the gifts.  He was barely even pleased.  He was just not himself yesterday.  He couldn't even ride his new bike and he doesn't spend every waking minute looking at his gecko.  This is not normal.

Today he is much the same, swollen and melancholy.  

The gnoming didn't happen because my package of parachuting gnomes didn't arrive in time so we are going to have to do it another time.  It is probably just as well since he wasn't feeling very well and I think that all parties need to be in a good mood for a successful gnoming.

I just feel so bad for him.  This kid looks forward to his birthday more than any kid I have ever known.  He is so animated and seeing him like this is so sad.  I can't help but wonder along with him why he with 2 bites in different places is doing so poorly while Nutmeg with 3 bites on the same arm is doing just fine.

I just wonder why he always has such a hard time with everything; his eyes, his speech, bug bites, reading, chores, sports, anything involving coordination.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Aurora Glorialis

I started this dress 5 years ago.  It was meant to be for Nutmeg but it never got past the cutting stage and it sat in my scrap bin until just before my niece, little Aurora arrived! (P.S. I made the darling head band too.)
In its former life it was a ladies' blouse. I LOVE that the buttons and button holes are the original holes from the blouse
  and what was the collar is now the bow. Isn't the fabric divine?
The sleeves are the caps of the original sleeves and the skirt, oh, the skirt  hemmed with the original hem.  Making reconstructions and trying to keep as many of the original details as possible intact is one of my very favorite things.  It was a blouse, now its a dress!  I just love that.
Oh and it has pleats.