Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Gardengnomeaphobia is a rare but serious condition that affects...Boba Fett.  Boba Fett's "fear" of garden gnomes will come to a head on his 8th birthday (a phobia like this is just begging for a prank.) If you feel compelled to help us treat this serious condition known as "Gardengnomeaphobia," please deliver your gnomes, gnome artwork and gnome accessories to Starlings by the 10th of September.

Coming September 11th, 2011
The Gnoming

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today I washed her face tenderly and worked the marshmallow out of her hair.  Her moist cheeks shined like the blue eyes in the mirror and I realized there will not be many more times when I wash her hands or face.   She chooses her own clothes, does flips on the trampoline and reads books with chapters. She is so smart, and independent and her legs are so long.